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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A new craft maybe?

I was the very lucky recipient of a starter kit for needle felting.  This is something I have often said I would love to try so now is my chance.  Not so easy, lots of tips to learn I am sure.  This is my first effort and before anyone comments I do sincerely hope to improve.  The kit was for a butterfly but I am one of those awkward people who like to do their own thing so having read and inwardly digested the instructions this is what I came up with.  
Now back to those 'tips' I mentioned.  Any help would be greatly appreciated as I loved 'having a go' and would love to produce something worthwhile.  Also where can I buy felting needles, I do not recall seeing them in my usual haberdashery but that might be cos I wasn't lookin for them. What minimum quatities  can I buy the wool and where from?  Anything like that as I am a complete novice but suspect I am about to get hooked.  (Excuse the pun).

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Morning.

I would love to wish all those who kindly read my ditties and other posts a very merry Christmas and the best of New Years to follow.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Handmade Monday

I have nothing prepared this week so am scratting round to find something half entertaining.  Looks like seasonal ditty.

That time of year,
Its nearly here,
Just as dear
But do not fear,
We'll have some cheer,
Plenty of beer,
Keep family near
Shed the odd tear
Unwrap the gear
And revere

The one who was born and died for it,
We now enjoy the living of it
The giving of the gifts on it.
And our grateful thanks for having it.

And a half finished project still hoping to be wrapped and put under the tree but just in case I do have a back-up solution.

Like a friend from Texas said earlier this week, my fingers are sore and my hands ache but I am still hopeful of completion. lol.

Can I suggest you go along and see all the other offerings for Handmade Monday on

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Handmade Monday

Scraping in once again.  Needed a serviceable bag for a couple of trips and this is what I came up with having rummaged in my stash for stuff that I won't need for a project.  This corded velvet has to be 20/30 years old, if not more.  I am sure I had it to make a pair of trousers for someone but goodness knows who.   I can't imagine a child of today wearing it can you? lol.  I think the purple was curtains at some point in history.  Just call me tight, I don't mind.

A visit to Handmade Monday on would not hurt you.  An ever widening collections of handmade products well worth a viewing.  IMHP  of course.

I think I am getting too old for all this.

Phew.  Thank goodness Mom has just collected them.   I can put my feet up for the rest of the day. lol.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Handmade Monday - again.

Have not prepared anything exciting this week so thought I would show you my draught excluder. Boring I here you say, too right but.........
My other half is having treatment for Cancer and feels every little draught, knows every time I leave a door open etc.,.  We have a real fire type gas fire in the lounge and he complains that the wind comes down the chimney, sigh, there is but certainly not much,  so I purchased a small mesh fire guard and covered it - works a treat, no more moans.

The wooden items in the grate are chainsaw carvings done by my eldest son many, many years ago and the dog is Rosie age 14 and a bit.
To see some far more exciting items pop along to 1stuniquegifts - well worth a look.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Handmade Monday is here again and this week I actually made it. Phew.

Finally this is almost finished, I have one edge left to bind.  It is specifically for my daughter as a throw for her huge settee in the conservatory which is choccy brown leather.  I made it quilt and go which means, to the uninitiated, each square is made complete with wadding and backing before attaching to the main article. It is 50% machine sewn and 50% hand sewn.  All the little coloured squares are just left overs from my stash.  In fact, I started it by sewing the small squares together as an experiment and it grew from there.

This is just one of a good number of lovely blogs to meander through for Handmade Monday so why not pop along to  1stuniquegifts/blog and sus the others out.  You will definately enjoy the experience.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

For Caroline (Redneedle)

A view from the side.

Thursday Blog Hop

Go along to and feast your eyes on all the other contributions to Thursday Blog Hop.
This is mine, it is mostly hand sewn and from left overs from my workroom.  There is a diverse number of crafts in this little cushion which include flower making, applique, quilting to name but a few.
The rose is 3D effect, only the back petal is appliqued to the fabric, all the others stand proud of the cushion.  Ornamental rather than useful I am afraid.

I have made it for a very specific reason but if that falls through someone has already requested it so I am very lucky.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

A timely warning for those proposing matrimony?

It is Thursday again, this is my contribution for our blog hop.  Have a look at for all the other contributions.  Some lovely 'makes' to be seen.

A friend recently told me she ws getting married again, third time lucky she said.  I took a deep breath and this is what I told her.

I've quietly studied
The species of Man,
I'll put pen to paper,
And describe if I can,
The many varieties
The species span.
There's Tom, Dick and Harry,
A Michael and Dan.
There's film stars and singers,
You could be a fan.
Short ones, tall ones,
Beefcakes with a tan,
Adonis's, athletes,
And then 'also rans'.
Some come as loners,
Others in clans
Some on buses
Some on trams.
Some own houses
Some own land.
Others on
Street corners stand.
Lets face it girls,
Theres nothing grand,
About a fella,
With nothing planned.
Go for the jugular,
The plain gold band.
Security sits
On your left hand.

(If I have shown this one before I apologise, I have looked back and can't find it anywhere.)

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Handmade Monday.

Follow the link and enjoy the many varied blogs involved.  Take the opportunity of seeing some beautiful hand made items, reading such interesting articles and generally embracing the whole idea of Handmade Monday.  You won't regret it.
We have entertained three 6 year olds and one just 7 year old for the weekend and have had such fun.  There was no agro at all, everyone had a wonderful time.  My lounge was taken over as a 'camp' with sheets and quilts spread over clothes horses, chair backs and anything else that would prop them up,  All the household cushions found themselves in the camp doubling up as beds plus a couple of pillows. Clothes pegs too.  It all hung together on a wing and a prayer but, oh boy, did they have fun.  I will remember it for a long time, I hope they will too.  I think they will, things like that they end up relating to their own children don't they.

So young, so clean, so pure,
So innocent unto the core.
Eyes clear and trouble free,
Just how they should be.

How can we protect,
The already perfect
In every way
This child of today.

How soon will it fade
Or the innocence jade
In the name of maturity
To loose so much purity.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Thursday Blog Hop.

Visit and see all the other blogs taking part in their own particular field, lots of variety.

I wrote this a few years ago and have just come across it so thought now might be a good time to give it an airing.

A Reflection

The cold, grey eyes returned the look from the mirror.  A rare combination, redhair and grey eyes.
He had come up through a hard school of life and the lessons had certainly been tough.  No longer did his eyes reflect his soul or his mouth voice his thoughts.  Oh yes, he had learnt well.

Reared by his dour Scots maternal Grandmother with little 'love' but plenty of 'duty' and the constant reminder of his lack of a known Father.  His mother had left this harsh life when he was three.

Kirk twice a week and basic, plain food resulted in no capacity for pleasure according to the strict Church beliefs.

School was no better, ostracised and called 'A bastard'.

In his loneleness he burried his head in books and acquired a sound education.

One final look in the mirror.  Had it gone too far?  Was it too late to evacuate this shell that had protected him all these years?

He almost broke free of it once, long ago now, but again, had left it too late and lost the only person who had dented his armour.  Felt like another lifetime ago and now Grandmother finally joined her north-of-the-border ancestors which necessitated him sorting out all her personal papers.

Some very startling, if not brainstorming information had come to light leaving him reeling with shock.

He had a Son.

His wife, she still was that as they never divorced, had written to Grandmother several times over the years trying to locate him.  Odd that she had kept the letters when obviously had no intention of passing them on.

He had been a Father for 10 years.  They were married in Sydney, Australia but having suffered such isolation in childhood he had been totally unprepared for the closeness needed to keep the relationship alive.
He had hurt her, he knew that but wanted to stay safe in his clinically, neat and tidy little world and she was here in Edinburgh.  His wife and son. 

Something else he had learned in the sort-out.  He wasn't a bastard after all. He had found his Mothers marriage certificate and other papers proving he was the legitimate son of the man he could now call Father who knew nothing of his existance.  A farmer of means which he would eventually inherit and pass on to his own son and heir, hopefully breaking the cycle which his late Grandmother had put in motion.

James straightened his back and marched out of his house into his future.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Remember, remember, the 5th of November for Handmade Monday

Hand made Monday  Do use this link and look at the lovely things on show today, well worth a visit.

Another 5th of November – I must be getting old as they seem to come round so quickly these days.  A trip down memory lane is called for I think.
My memorable bonfire years are the 1940’s,  Some describe as “The good old days” but I believe this title grew from the fact we didn’t know or have better to judge them by.  However, I digress.
Fires in the back garden, pretty fireworks, Roman Candles, Waterfalls, and the like. No such thing as Health and Safety, we all threw wood on the fire regardless.   It was part of the fun as we knocked on neighbours doors asking for something to burn and made our own Guy Fawks to stick on the top or push round the streets asking “Penny for the guy”.
I remember it was always so cold you had to stand fairly close to the fire to keep warm ending up with red faces. Dad threw potatoes in, we threw in loads of conkers and waited for them to explode and if the money stretched far enough we had marshmallows on sticks to roast. 
If you were extra lucky next door had better fireworks than you and you could watch them too. 
By the time I had children garden bonfires were a thing of the past but we did have community ones on the nearest piece of waste ground organised by a few Fathers and we pooled our fireworks.
Now it has changed again and although, obviously things are much safer for our little ones and more environmentally friendly, I do wonder who enjoyed it most, our home made fun or the youngsters of today with the more commercial, (pay to go) and very organised ones we have now.

I could not resist fetching my camera this morning after I had let the dog out for her early morning constitutional, at 7.30 am the light was crisp and clear with the sun shining gloriously.  Sadly I have had to reduce the pixels to be able to post them so they have lost some of their sharpness but hopefully you can still imagine what a beautiful sight it was.  To be able to take a clear pic. inside the woods is some indication of just how much light there was this morning.  There was a definate autumnal chill in the air indicating the beginning of winter.  Friends will notice that for once Rosie is missing, that is because she was so busy with all the new smells left from wildlife activity during the night.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My new, all singing and dancing sewing machine has gone wrong again.........

Where is my old Singer,
I knew it oh so much
Sensitive and feeling,
It knew my every touch.

No cranky digi messages,
No codes to be worked out,
No complicated stitching
It knew what it was about.

Why did I let it go
To that workroom in the sky
When I could have kept it here
On  pedestals right up high..

Well, one good thing came out of it, I made the Thursday Blog Hop.  Now I wonder what everyone else has produced.  Why not come along with me and have a look -

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Thursday blog hop.  Please pop along and look at all the other contributors.

It is my youngest sons 35th birthday today and I have been reflecting on his life.  The happy go-lucky child and teenager who was mad keen on music and football, not as a spectator but taking part. The many friends who always seemed to be at the house at mealtimes.  The fun, the laughter.   When did it all begin to go wrong? When did the loves of his life cease to be football, music, family, friends and when did heroine become his mistress?
Eventually he became homeless and lived among the many, many homeless on the city streets. I became a familiar figure as I travelled to Coventry to walk the streets asking Big Issue sellers, buskers and other homeless if they knew where he was.  I heard so many sad stories from so many, young and old alike. 
Socks.  Always buy them woolly socks.  Remembering that they live 24/7 in their socks and only take them off when they rot so they are grateful for a continual supply.  I used to beg them off the markets for 6 pair for £1 and take them along to Jesus Army who distributed them.
This was one particular young lady....

She sat on the step,
Cold and wet,
but couldn't let
Anyone know her plight.

With brave face,
And luck makes haste,
 To a place
With a roof and a bed for one night.

Anger and strife,
This is her life
Poverty is rife
At the end of the tunnel, no light.

A sad truth,
Positive proof,
Humanity's goofed
These souls have lost the fight.

As a postscript.  He did survive it, we were so lucky.  So many others were not.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Handmade Monday and Kente Weaving.

Last year my lovely DIL Anna spent a little time in Ghana volunteering at Trinity Yard School.  As a token of her visit she brought me two small samples of weaving done by the older children.  This is called Kente Weaving and the fabric created is only worn on ceremonial occasions.  It has taken me a little time to decide what to do with these 8" x 4" panels but I finally sat down and incorporated them into cushion covers as a way of showing them off and preserving them.  The colours are amazing.
One is finished and the other is work in progress.

You must visit all the other blogs in this link and enjoy the offerings by the clever crafters who have joined Handmade Monday.  The link is

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

I have very recently heard of two occasions of Fraud.

We see the words Fraud, Theft, Robbery, Mugging, but how many of us look behind the words at the ripple effect each one brings to family and friends of the victim.  It is fairly obvious that the perpetrators have no conscience of this.

They’ve been defrauded, what does it mean?
That evil beings have been on the scene.
And taken something they've no right to,
Things most likely treasured by you.

The pain and the loss cannot be born,
The rest of the family are violently torn.
They hate, want revenge, then some.
The ripples on the surface have begun.

Hardships and stress have now been caused,
A direct result of this defraud.
What type of person do we breed,
That take great pleasure in this deed.

Villainy is grossly out of hand,
Some make a living very grand.
Why doesn’t  society take firmer control
And bring these wicked ones back to the fold?

That’s another pebble on a much bigger lake,
Those at the top should make branches shake.
This tree of life must bring things in line,
The punishments must fit the crime.

This entry is for Thursdays blog hop via  May I respectfully suggest you pop along there and have a look at all the other blogs.  Some lovely things.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Oops. Handmade Monday again.

Nearly missed it.  Do pop along to  
and have a look at the lovely handmades there.  Well worth a visit.

What was life like before TV
Where we sit goggle eyed at anything to see.
And we glare at each other if one dares to speak,
Should we miss an occurrence in Coronation Street.

We sat round the kitchen table then.
Listening to a radio, using a pen.
Knitting, sewing and talking too,
In a tight family unit which included you.

We shared our lives, our food, our leisure,
And such simple things that gave us pleasure.
The concept of telly killed all that,
No social graces. We sit and get fat.


Sunday, 16 October 2011

The seasons have gone mad

I still have flowers all over the garden and it is mid October. (Well you knew that, didn't need me telling you. lol).  We are certainly going to pay for this one way or another.  These Geraniums should be all warm and cosy in the greenhouse by now not basking in the Autumn sunshine.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Thursday Blog Hop.

I notice on the Craft Forum someone was asking for a poem to put in their card for their one year old Granddaughter.  I remembered on one of the twins birthdays I wrote a ditty.  It went something like this. 

Beautiful children
Of beautiful children
We count our blessings
That God has willed them.

There’s never a day
That passes by
That we don’t think
Or wonder why.

We should be
The lucky ones
But we are,
We have Grandsons.

It wasn't my intention to offer that as Thursday Hop offering but the following one. I was a bit maudlin when I wrote it so apologise for its dourness.

How precious is this life
Every minute, every day
Should we waste not a second
Or create no more fray

Do we get second chances,
Or do a backtrack some way?
Of life, of romances?
Can one call back a day?

How to use this time we're given,
How to leave your mark on life
How to make it great to live in,
Obliterate the need for strife.

On a much lighter note why don't you go to and visit all the other blogs taking part.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Handmade Monday

Tracey of Sunrise Cards made me two beautiful Dinosaur cards for the twin G/kids.  I made an error and showed them to my aged Aunt (Another Dinosaur) who immediately took possession of them saying "You don't mind do you?"  I ask you, would it have made any difference if I had.
I have made two more, not a patch on the first ones I might tell you and nothing to do with pre historic animals but the best I could do under the circumstances.

I have made them from scratch except the gold trim (Which I should not have used as it makes them look like Christmas cards.  The stripey coloured card I did using oil crayons and then photocopying it to prevent smudging.  All the rest you can work out for yourself.  What I have not showed you is that inside I have cartoony pics, nicked off the internet for this one off occasion, of little boys on scooters.   They are having scooters for their birthday.

You must visit all the other blogs,

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Thursday Blog Hop. (

Three little monkeys
Sitting on a seat,
A little bit of sunshine
The picture is complete.

I had considered putting this on the flysheet of my little book, opinions would be appreciated.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Wear it Pink

I must apologise to all who read my blog regularly.  I am afraid life has got in the way of blogging lately, so much so that I missed Handmade Monday so sorry for that Wendy, I will try harder next week.  Looks like I might miss Thursdays blog hop too at this rate. Sigh.
On the bright side, I have written a ditty for Carolines ( support of Wear It Pink and inserted it into some prettied up cards.  This is for Breast Cancer and - don't quote me but - I think the minimum voluntary donation is £2 so what she is doing is sending donors one of these cards - well worth two quid I can tell you - as a thankyou. I will try to insert a pic.
You should have a look at her web page, there is some really gorgeous stuff there, not to be missed.


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Tree of many colours.

Thursday blog hope has come round again and we are experiencing an Indian summer.  Enough to make one wax lyrical isnt it.  Check out all the  lovely crafty objects via

Oh Tree of many colours,
Long shadows towards night.
Time for casting off the worn,
And keeping loved ones tight.

The solemn rituals of life,
The need to store and nest.
To gather winter fuel and food,
Put stamina to the test.

Maybe we think, as humans,
We are above the rest.
Our instincts are still animal,
Who says they’re not the best?

Monday, 26 September 2011

Sunday night sky over Rugby

It can't be measured by man
The span
Twix heaven and land
The hand
Of the Almighty
With his pallet and brush
A hush
As his touch
Creates such
That makes us what we are.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Handmade Monday comes round again.


It’s all so wonderful because of the dreams,
But in reality, not as it seems.
Our eyes deceive us whilst looking at this,
Nothing is seen that our minds want to miss.
When your heart is involved and holds hard to that dream,
It’s rose tinted glasses that scan the scene.
If only all truths were so easy to hide,
And the less salubrious side be denied.
Would ignorance make life more palatable?
Could we really be so gullible?

Please follow this link and look at all the other Handmade Monday Offerings.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Contribution for Thursday Blog Hop

Several years ago I owned a Transport Cafe

Trying to sort out all my scribbles I came across this.  I can only imagine that I wrote it towards the end of my Cafe Proprietoral life and was very tired.  Having read it through it gave me a smile which I would like to pass on to you all.

The fores and againsts of owning a Transport Cafe.  I have edited it slightly as there were a few rudish words in it, as I said, I was so very tired towards the end.

1.                  Getting home at night smelling like a fried sausage.
2.                  Listening to the same rubbish jokes over and over from the self appointed village                comedians
3.                  Watching the door for the local very unwashed tramp to clear the cafĂ© with his odour.
4.                  Fishing the loo roll out of the gents toilet.
5.                  Trying to squeeze the £2.00 overnight money out of a driver sneakily parked out back all night.
6.                  Doing 150 sausage sandwiches and drinks at 5.30am on a Sunday morning for the Angling Club who want to be on the bank in half an hour..
7.                  Trying to fill in for two members of staff who have taken a sudden sickie on the same day.
8.                  Getting up at 5.30 am 7 days a week (except Angling Club Sundays when its earlier)
9.                  Entertaining the difficult Health and Safety guy from the Council every year.
10.              The monthly de-grease of the kitchen walls and ceiling due to everything being cooked in deep fat/oil.
11.              The electricity  breaking down 4 or 5 times a year (No gas in the village)

And the good part

12        Selling to some unsuspecting buyer so I can retire.

Message to Raindrops n Roses

I cant leave messages on your blog, I could if you added Name URL but you might not want to.  Anyway what I wanted to say was........ "That is what was wrong with my DD and she did end up having medical intervention - result - twin boys for which we are eternally grateful.  Your girls look absolutely lovely laying there and so happy and content.  Well done."

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Three recycled cards from one of my birthday cards plus a bit.

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago.  I like to keep the cards up for some time knowing that they have cost someone time and money to remember me and that way I can show my appreciation. 
Today was the day they came down from the mantlepiece and window ledge for recycling.   It always surprises me just how much you can cut out of one card.

Friday, 16 September 2011

My contribution for Handmade Monday - Make sure you visit all the other very excellent blogs.

The year was 1955
I was 15 and 4 weeks into my first job.
We were village people whose only contribution to modern living was a washing machine and a telephone.
My new job, of which I was inordinately proud, was Office Junior for an insurance company, a 45 minute bus ride to the centre of the local town.  In those days offices also opened on a Saturday morning.
I felt 'The Bees Knees" climbing aboard that bus with the grown-ups every morning.
This particular Saturday morning the Chief Clerk begrudgingly took a phone message from my Mother.  I was to call at a butchers shop after leaving work to collect a parcel of dog meat she had ordered.
I finished work at midday and dutifully carried out my Mothers instructions collecting said parcel on the way to the bus stop for my return to 'the sticks'.
It was a cumbersome newspaper wrapped bundle and quite heavy.  I already had a large handbag, a paper carrier bag and a brolly so it was a bit of a struggle.
The bus queue went on for ever.  The notice on the bus platform stated that the bus seated 28 persons.  I was one of the remaining 30 odd who squeezed themselves along the gangway all equally determined to get home.
I was squashed into what little space was left by an extremely large lady sitting in the seat to my left and hanging out halfway over the gangway.
The parcel gradually got heavier, my arms were fit to drop off.  Eventually, in desperation I thought I would put the parcel into the rack above the seats.  (Buses had parcel racks in those days).
No sooner the thought than the deed.  I lifted my tired arms towards the rack over the large lady, the awkward package wobbled, split open, and the contents rolled down into the expansive lap of the said lady who screamed very shrilly and fainted.
I was so mortified that I fought my way up to the front of the bus, rang the bell and got off in the middle of nowhere walking the remaining five miles home.

The contents of the parcel?

Oh yes.

Three sheeps heads complete with fur, eyes and tongues.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Thursday Blog Hop -

Follow Thursday Blog Hop

MyBest Pal.

My little dog is 14 now and is showing all the signs that an old lady of her years does.  Her memory is atrocious and her heart is a bit dickie.  This is a ditty I wrote about her around 4 years ago after one of our vigorous romps across the common with 2 year old twins in tow trying to keep up with her.
Now she struggles to keep up with them and they are looking after her.

Quiet, unobtrusive,
But mine exclusive.
So therapeutic,
Can't bottle it.

God help those
Who try to impose,
She's natures alarm,
Keeps me from harm.

The bond we share,
Such a powerful affair.
My love for her will be,
Equalled only by her devotion to me.

She asks nothing for herself,
So who needs wealth.
She gives her love freely,
Honest and truly.

Now she is ten, seventy of our years,
Am I prepared for the tears?

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Tuesday after Handmade Monday

I was unable to participate in Handmade Monday this week as day to day life took over yet again but I have been looking at all the offerings and it brought home just how much tallent and how many unsung, gifted people there are on our own doorstep. So many fresh, new ideas seep through the pages of your blogs that I run out of suitable adjectives.  From cards to cakes and bedding to bags collecting jewellery and wood crafters en route and they all seem to have that 'well loved' look too.  It beggars belief that you all don't make oodles of dosh for your ideas alone never mind the finished product.
As well as Handmade Monday, accessed via Wendys blog or there is Thursday Blog Hop via Carolee Crafts and now on the drawing board we have October Shop Hop also via Carolee Crafts. These can also be accessed through 'Handmade by Me' at
All of the above are excellent showcases for your crafts as I know most of you are aware, and it certainly gives the old creative juices a nudge along when knowing you have deadlines to meet such as these. 
Never doubt your work.  If you have put your heart and soul into it there is always someone somewhere who will see its real beauty.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Thankyou all for your birthday wishes

My pooter has crashed and I can,t access most of my stuff from my laptop because I foolishly didnt download all my passwords so having to guess them.  The moral of the story is you prob. won't see me for a few days unless I can get my proverbial finger out and sort things.
Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes.  I do appreciate them.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Little note for Picto.

Still can't comment on your blog but I loved the sock monkey and the unicorn plaque.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Handmade Monday offering.

Handmade Monday.

I am cutting back this Christmas.  Any cards that get sent will be part of my recycled collection.  I don't make cards normally and I certainly would not buy embellishments although I have had a lot given to me so am making good use of them.
These are two of my simple offerings.  They are cut-outs from last years received cards.  I am getting quite nifty with the old scissors now.  They also have inserts with little ditties to make them a tad more interesting. The one with the Church scene is standing off the card and I have used a pencil to shadow around the tree and the steeple to add to the 3D effect.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011 Handmade by me Thursday.

Please pop along and have a look at the lovely crafted goodies.

Life is so unknown

A baby takes first steps and wobbles,
Launching hesitantly into unknown
Young child faces first day of scholastic life
Leaving safe haven for playground strife.

When a teenager, life’s molehills become
Disproportionate to reality and doubting.
Coming of age, you’re a man my son,
But still need to indulge in pleasure and fun.

Responsibility increasing when becoming a couple.
Financial pressure and stress prick that bubble.
Procreation creates baby number one
And the cycle once again has begun.

As loving parents you shelter and protect,
Minimise, reduce and reject
Hardship, disappointments and faults
That life throws at our future adults.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Handmade Monday

Once again I have to apologise for not leaving a comment.   Most of your blogs I cannot access, my prob. not yours.  Those I can I do but I do religously read all of your blogs regularly as soon as they show up on my Dashboard.  I am still trying to sort it without success.

Handmade Monday. http://blog:

I’ve said my Hail Mary
On my knees in the Dairy
There was no ‘udder
To hear me utter

My request to the Lord
For his absolute word
And I can get on
With my life and have fun.

Then I can go back
Renew my attack
For request to forgive
The life that I live.

 I am not Catholic, in fact, I am not religious but do respect and admre others that believe and live their life accordingly so obviously I  intend no offence.

And yet another silly one...

The glories of our English summer holidays

We’re on our hols. It’s raining,
We’re watching through the door.
It’s coming down like stair rods,
Then bouncing on the floor.

There’s not a lot to do in here
Except to watch the storm.
Played whist and snap and rummy,
Wrapped up to keep us warm.

We crawl round on hands and knees,
Or move around all bent
And if we touch to top or sides
Water comes in the tent.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Made By Me Thursday

I have joined a Thursday Made by me blog and this is my contribution.                                          

As aging summer spreads her hands
To catch the falling leaves,
She turns them into wondrous shades,
The  autumn patterns she weaves.

To make them whisper and to shake
She  gently blows them round
Allowing sun to glint on gold
As they flutter to the ground.

 The floor is now a carpet of bronze
An amazing sight to behold
The artists pallet could not improve
As onward the season rolls.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Recycled left over curtains.

This is my handmade Monday offering.
An elderly neighbour gave me some full length curtains with the wish that I would find a new home for them.  Well, I did.  I cut the curtains down to make bedroom curtains for No.2 son who was moving home and what was left I put into a quilt and cushion covers for the same bedroom.

Life is so unknown

A baby takes first steps and wobbles,
Launching hesitantly into unknown troubles.
Child faces first day of its scholastic life
Leaving safe haven for playground strife.

Teenager, life’s molehills become mountains
Disproportionate to reality and doubting.
Coming of age, you’re a man my son,
But still need to indulge in pleasure and fun.

Responsibility increasing when becoming a couple.
Financial pressure and stress prick that bubble.
Procreation creates baby number one
And the cycle once again has begun.

As loving parents you shelter and protect,
Minimise, reduce and reject
Hardship, disappointments and faults
That life throws at our future adults.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Is the grass greener..

A friends other half has told her he is leaving at Christmas.  I asked why not till Christmas.  She didn’t know but agreed that he could stay till then. 

Now is it me?  Am I so very intolerant?  I not only would have wanted to know why but he would have been packed and gone that same day but my friend is a kind soul and has spoiled her other half rotten which begs another question – what is he looking for and is the grass greener on the other side of the street?

I share my hearth
I share my home
I’m always nice, I never moan.
I defer to you
Refer to you
With lots of love and caring too.

A lot of years
Under the belt
A lot of tears and laughter felt.
The good things
And the bad ones
The promises,  the marriage bonds

And yet you’ve gone
To some other
This obviously was not for ever.
You should worry.
I might find
I’ll do better without your kind.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

For all Handmade Monday crafters and others

whose blogs  cannot access.  I cannot access any blogs at all now and the message that I keep getting is
Your current account ( does not have access to view this page.  I don't have a clue why so - my comments are as follows:
Rosemademme - Those sausage rolls look good enough to eat.  Actually I am salivating just thinking about them. lol.
Picto - Lovely Cafe plaque.  I sympathise with you over preparation it is the same with quilting, it takes hours just to get ready.
and Marias bowls.  Aren't they beautiful.  Made a papiermache hot air baloon with G/kids once and do wonder how you get such a wonderful finish.
Redneedle - Great tea cosy, you don't see many about these days do you.  That would be lovely and  cheerful in any kitchen.
Ooak Fairies Good time girl.  I know you have called her a show girl but she also looks the epitomy of the good time girl doesn't she and well up to your usual standard.
Raindrops and Roses.  That is a lovely gift for your child minder.  Such a lot of thought gone into it.  She should be very impressed.  A nice keepsake for her retirement too.
Magnifique Designs.  Enjoyed my read re your visit to Thwaite Watermill in Leeds.  Some lovely pics too..  I love looking around old places, all the corners and bits and pieces.
Flutterby Creates.  Nice to hear you have been productive and managed to catch up a bit.  Very unusual Thankyou card.  Stunning as is the necklace.

So sorry to have to do it like this.  I do so enjoy reading all your blogs and looking at the lovely things everyone makes.  OH says I spend far too much time on here. umph - expect he is right.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Its Hand made Monday again - to Wendy's at 1st Unique Gifts for handmade Monday.

You should have a look.

A quickie cos I have nothing else ready.

Our Version of TheThinker.   

Handmade Monday
Starts on Sunday.
Wendy’s the gell
Who does it so well.

I’ve nowt this week
Life needs a tweak,
Back to the swing
Of making something

Need to deduce
How to produce,
And turn into cash
Instead of stash.

Must use the brain
To make a gain
Then maybe we eat
Till the end of the week.


Saturday, 13 August 2011

Not being able to post comments.

I wonder if I sign in to Gmail what difference it will make to my set up on the computer.  Will it mess my blog access up again like Chrome did.  I am sure that is the reason I got locked out of my other blog.  It would not allow my password etc., and when I tried to change it I was told to go through Administrator (Whatever that is) so tried to do so and it just went round in circles.  I tried the help system but got no response from that either.
Now I am scared to do anything that might upset the apple cart again.  I have had a computer techie bod in and he cannot ascertain why I can't leave comments so it remains a mystery.
Someone else has volunteered to have a looksee in a day or two so if I suddenly disappear you know why. 

Friday, 12 August 2011

I so wish I could leave comments on blogs

Instead I will leave them here in the hope that you all see them.  We all seem to be into simple but nice this week.
Kates beautiful peacock, yes you are right, so simple yet effective.  I love it.
Those  tissue holders from Rosmademe, they are so nice they will make the novice sewer feel they have really achieved something and Redneedle and her sewing machines.  Takes me back a bit, I learnt on an old singer, bit older that that old lady too.  Have fun with her.
Martha's lovely little cross stitch too.
Thankyou Wendy for your Handmade Monday too and your lovely comments on here.
I also want to thank everyone else for their comments, much appreciated, which is why I am fed up because I can't reciprocate. Bah.
I think I have remembered everyone.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Most of you will have seen this on Craft Forum or UK Craft Forum.  It is for my second eldest grandson who is 11.  I only have three more to go. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Vanity Hurts

Don't forget, next to Wendy at 1st Unique Gifts for handmade Monday.  Worth a look

When I was a child we had either metal curlers or rags in the hair to provide one with a coiffeur for the following day.  We did have curling tongues but these were inserted in a fire until red hot prior to curling hair around it.  Risky?  Yes, definitely.  If one wasn’t careful one could end up with very short hair indeed.

The reason I mention these tortures is that I recall one of my Mothers favourite sayings as she dragged a comb through my long and often knotted hair.  “Vanity hurts my girl, vanity hurts”.

When I think of what some people do today all in the name of beauty.

I’ve suffered agonies over the years
I’ve cried and cried so many tears.
The surgeons knife, always so sharp
Has now created this work of art.
My face would launch a thousand ships,
My legs now rise to slender hips
My boobs are pointed and erect
There’s not much left to now dissect.
The double chin I had has gone
The neck is wrinkle free and long.
What varicose veins, how dare you ask
Comfortable flab - a thing of the past.
The trouble is I’m still inside
Struggling to get out of this well honed hide
I look in the mirror and what do I see
The same fat, frumpy, dowdy me.

Monday, 1 August 2011

List of those bloggers whose blogs I cant leave comments on.

So far (I will add to it as the day goes on)

Allys Cards. That card is so tasteful.
Redneedle Sewing for the beautiful white linen blind.
Picto.  Lovely jungle themed plaque.  Coo, Wells on sea.  Haven't been there for years.
Don't forget to pop along to Wendys blog and view the lovely things on show in Handmade Monday.  Well worth the visit.
Wendy at 1st Unique Gifts

Sunday, 31 July 2011

A touch of peace

The ripple of water in the sun
The twinkle of light on wet stone,
Soft whisper as the ripples run
Where ever they want to roam.

Be it brook or stream or rill,
Thro woodland or open weald
And paddles of an old water mill
Such peace you could ever feel.

This peace remains intact
Till the seasons turn a page
And Winter performs its act
Causing angry waters to rage.

It is a cleansing process
The frost, the ice and the snow
Ready to don the new green dress
For the start of the Spring time show.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

I have resurected this ditty for a virtual friend who has just visited our capitol. (See  ) She has some lovely pics on there, well worth a look and a read.

(or the day we got the wedding dress)

We’ve had a day in London,
The great metropolis,
Not sight seeing you understand,
But with a shopping list.

Both ways along Oxford Street.
Then Regent Street as well.
Back down the tube for Knightsbridge,
And Harrods just for the hell.

A corner shop beyond our dreams,
Our pockets too I fear.
But just to get a carrier bag,
We must buy something here.

The tube again, the moving stairs
To take us back to town.
Our weary feet and aching arms,
Wish we were homeward bound.

We’ve still to queue for food and drink,
Alas no tables free.
The queue for loos is two miles long,
I’m desperate for a pee.

I have been banged and kicked and pushed
From pillar to post all day.
The pavements are full of milling crowds,
All going the opposite way.

When next you are planning another trip,
To our capitol city for fun.
Remind me of my pleasures today,
It’s unlikely that I’ll come!!!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Message for Redneedle

I have tried very hard to leave you a comment but this wretched machine won't have it.  I wanted to say I love your needle cases.  Could do with one myself.  Like you I am a holy terror with needles and my OH is always moaning.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Visit to Bletchley Park.

We are members of a club and it was our summer outing yesterday.  Above us a picture of part of the grounds of Bletchley Park.  It was so tranquil.

We went to visit Bletchley Park
I wasn’t too keen on this,
Thought it would be all gloomy and dark,
Things like that I could miss.

We finally arrived in our charabanc
To a lovely countryside view.
Gathered together our little gang
And off to find what to do.

Well, talk about stepping back in time,
To imagine eight thousand odd folk
Milling around these grounds so fine,
Where work was definitely no joke.

Studied the early computer,
Watched The Colossus still at work.
Learnt their affect on the future;
Then around the canteen did lurk.

We found that a wartime price
Was not in evidence there.
A crumb and cuppa sufficed
As we didn’t have a millionair.

The evening pub delightful.
The food was scrummy and good.
The hosts were very mindful
Of us and did what they could.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

I won't tell you what incident prompted my latest little dittie but, rest assured, one of the protagonists is still blowing steam out of her ears. lol.

Three score years and ten
The life span for men
Ladies live longer
Because they are stronger.

 Man disagrees,
They work hard felling trees
More likely in the gym
Building muscle cos they’re thin.

Gentle sex, or what?
Abuse their bodies a lot
Bear and care for young
And exercise their tongue.

Provide and cook meals.
When sick or ail she heals
DIY a  cinch
All without a flinch.

Now a man…….
I rest my case.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

We have a house guest.

His name is Tom.  He joins our small family quite often as he belongs to my Daughter.  It works quite well as Rosie has grown up being ruled by cats so he is just another in a long line of things to be tollerated.  Bless her.

Daughter’s gone on holiday
So we have got the cat.
We also have our Rosiedog
Who doesn’t care for that.

Tom’s an independent soul,
And stalks his pad defiant.
He disappears for hours on end
But mealtimes are reliant.

Our garden birds have taken flight
The squirrel’s very cautious.
The half devoured gift he leaves
Is really, grossly, nauseous.

And yet at night he snuggles up
Taking half the covers.
Dreaming of his wild exploits
Hoping for some others.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Why can't I leave comments on some blogs.

I am struggling here.  There are some lovely blogs that won't let me leave comments.  I will list them so you know I am not ignoring you.  I promise I am trying and if anyone can offer any advice on getting over this hurdle please do.
After Hours
Dorset Girl
Maria's Blog
Polly Polkadot.

There are more and I will list them when I come across them.
I am so sorry bloggers.  There must be a reason or something that I am doing wrong although I can comment on all the others with my Google account details.