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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Update on the Aged Aunt problem

We managed to get her to the Doctors but she is not letting on what was discussed so I suppose we are no nearer a solution other than the Doctor is now aware - hopefully - that there is a problem. Its gone very quiet  there so they must be on speaking terms again. No more threats about throwing herself under the local bus or in the canal, which is quite funny in its own way as she can't walk that far, someone would have to push her in a wheelchair. I am beginning to relax about it once more. Phew.  Catastrophe averted for now.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

The end of another weekend.

Sunday evening always makes me feel as if I should summarise the week, what I have made, what I failed to complete and what I could have achieved if I had made that little extra effort.  I try not to dwell on the last one because it is a waste of time, it happened, or I should say failed to.
OK so I have had quite a severe cold during the week, still coughing, I think I am hooked on linctus by now but at least it appears to have subsided somewhat, keeping fingers crossed it doesn't come back and hit me again like they often do.
I have managed a couple more panels for the quilt -

Also a friends small boy has a birthday coming up and she asked me to make him a cushion for his bed, had to be red and white and squashy so this is what I came up with.   I have made it into a pyjama case and it is padded with thick foam wadding and lined with white cotton  sheeting so very  washable.

It is Handmade Monday so can I suggest you pop along to and have a look at some lovely crafted articles.

One way and another I am having a traumatic weekend. Lots of phone calls and crying.  I have two aunts, one 87 and the other 93 in a couple of months.  Both live in their own homes, the older one with her partner who is 92.
The 93 year old has fallen out with her partner, The problem is not what they have argued over but their age,  They should have help in but will not admit that they need it and I get shot down in flames if I even hint at them not managing.  I should add that these Aunts never had children so guess who has to pick up the slack.  They all live about 35 miles from me so not so easily accessible.  The younger Aunt is also crying because the older one is upset.
I am about to get shot down in flames yet again because I am contacting their Doctor tomorrow to get them to go in and insist they have some help.  They will listen to him because, in their eyes he has the voice of authority. 
Wish me luck.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Its a Beautiful day.

What a beautiful day for a walk. Blue skies, I always take my camera when out with the dog, you never know what you might miss.

Not a breath of wind and the sun beating down to encourage all the crocus and snowdrops to lift their faces towards it.

It is one of those days that makes everything seem worthwhile.

In the next day or two all the daffodils will start to bloom throught the woods, we also have some tulips in amongst them, just the odd one or two and then the carpet of bluebells will take over.  Well, that takes me through till April by which time the nettles and other wild plants will be establishing their claim to flourish but, for today, I feel uplifted.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

New Beginnings

Oh not me.  I have started a new family quilt.  It is going to consist of 9 aplique panels, framed, and set into sashing - colours yet to be determined. lol.
As I have nothing ready for Handmade Monday I am using what panels already completed as my offering.  They are all hand sewn and my own design from my own hand made templates.  I tend to start a quilt with no definite idea of where it is going making it up as I go along. 
This is quite similar as I don't know what a panel is going to look like until I sit down to make it and I have no idea what colours the frames and sashing will be until  I have completed all the panels and lay them out.  Then I wait for inspiration - can take some time as I am not the most imaginative person about I can tell you. lol.

These are the four panels already prepared:-

I am a rotten photographer, the colours are not shown to be as vibrant as in real life but,  hey ho, you will get the idea.

Now pop along to  and see all the other lovely stuff on offer.  You won't regret it I can assure you.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

And yet another 7 days passed...

Handmade Monday again.  Where has the week disappeared to.  I don't seem to have achieved much in the way of crafting this week so just a small offering from me.
I finished the third and last dressing gown, this is for an 18 month old little girl who is running around like there is no tomorrow, her Mum can't keep up with her.

And there was a a thread on Craft Forum this week about how many projects one had not finished off so I got my proverbial finger out and finished one of them.

I did not put the knobbly bits on the back. lol.

Thats it for this Handmade Monday but do pop along to and look at the growing number of crafters willing to share their beautifully crafted items with you.

A little self analysing

My little dog is nearing the end of her days.  She will be 15 this coming June which is quite a good age.  We have had her since she was a year old,  As I spend more and more time worrying about what I will do without her another question is forcing itself forward in my head.  Why do I waste what time she has left worrying about that, why can’t I simply throw myself into celebrating each day we have left? 

How selfish.  I am obviously more concerned with my feelings than hers.  I would not have believed I could be like that but I suppose it’s the old “Self Preservation” coming to the fore.

The other selfish thing I dwell on is “will I have to make the decision for her”.  “Maybe she will go in her sleep? “

I do know that if I can manage to adopt a more positive attitude towards this, recognise and remember that we all have a set lifetime span, probably laid out from the day we were born, and make the very best of what I have left with her I will be in a far better state of mind when her time finally comes.

The moral of the story is:-

Celebrate Life Whilst You Can.

Friday, 10 February 2012

People constantly surprise me

Even those whom I consider I know well.  And while I am on that subject I would like to thank all you kind people that leave such wonderful, heart lifting messages for me.  It is so lovely to have your work appreciated by someone which brings me neatly back to my other reason for blogging today.
My daughter has never appeared to show much, if any, interest in my crafting, if it didn't come from Next, TKMax etc., it wasn't worth a dime.
However, today I was having a chuck-out session in her sons' bedroom, (they have one at my house as well as their own home,) stuff they have grown out of like clothes and toys.  Amongst this was two rag dolls I made several years ago on a project with Daycare clients at Age Concern.  pic below:-

Known as Purple Pattie and Ginger Tom.
I now have an 18month step G.G.Daughter so thought I would pass them on as they are completely machine washable. 
MyDaughter threw her hands up in horror saying that I should keep them.  I replied that when I was gone someone would only throw them in the skip, which, lets face it, they do and that would be a waste if a child could benefit.  My daughter declared that when that time came she would give them a good home.
To say you could have knocked me down with a feather is understating it.
Of all the many things I have made she has taken to two rag dolls.  Life is full of surprises.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

5th Feb. Handmade Monday

I am still making dressing gowns, 2 down, one to go and will show the last two later in the week if I get them completed.  I would have had one ready but the snow prevented me from going across the yard to my workroom for red cotton.  Well, thats my excuse anyway but in the meantime I have cobbled together a birthday card for my one and only Granddaughter.  I use the word "cobbled" as I am definately not a card maker as you can see but needed something for Handmade Monday and was the only thing I could offer at this late stage of the game. Critiques not requested. lol. 

Please follow this link to visit the other blogs in Handmade Monday.

I did finish the dressing gown after all so there will be one happy little boy tomorrow.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Next Christmas already?????

We are fairly democratic in our household, I prepare and cook and OH tidies away afterwards
I mentioned some weeks ago that I needed a couple of milk bottle tops  Big mistake.  I now have a Sainsburys Bran Flake packet full to overflowing with tops of all colours of the rainbow.  I had not realised that he was still saving them till I picked up said box in the utility room wondering what it was there for.
What to use them for - big question.  I used 7 this afternoon and made this:-

I only have another 493 left to go. lol.  I am quite willing to share if anyone else wants some and I am also open to suggestions.  (Clean ones only thanks)