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Sunday, 25 March 2012

An odd assortment and Handmade Monday

Friday was Open Day at the Grands school, we had not planned to go, in fact, we had planned a totally lazy day but at 9 a.m. my daughter phoned to say that one of them was getting into a state because his Granddad was not going to see him in his play.
So, with feet not touching floor we made it for 9.45 just in time for curtain up and Stella The Starfish was in full swing. How those teachers got 60 kids of 6 and 7 to remember all that and perform without too many hiccups I will never know.  Children of that age are soooo amazing.  They not only remembered words and dance routines but 8 songs too and we were told that they had only been  rehearsing for three weeks, any more than that and they get bored.  I am so glad that we didn't miss it after all.

I have nothing to show you for Handmade Monday except a bit more work to one of the panels as I have been doing alterations. A client bought a set of five long sleeved blouses and wanted all of them turned into short sleeved ones.  Although the blouses are identical apart from the colour she wanted all the sleeves different.  I was so fed up with them by the time I had finished I could have binned them for two pins.  Common sense prevailed and they are now packed up ready for collection tomorrow. lol.

How about a ditty to make up for my lack of work~

The light, so bright,
So clear and crisp,
Glistening dew
In the sun through the mist.

The early hour
Of the first Spring day,
The Herald cries
Summers on its way.

I love these mornings
When the world looks so new,
When the grass looks so fresh
And the weeds still few.

But before much longer
Sunday peace will be gone,
With the hum of mowers
As the grass gets too long.

I have gossipped enough for one day so I will suggest you all pop over to Wendys at 1stUniquegifts/blog for Handmade Monday and have a look at all the lovely goodies

Monday, 19 March 2012

A Doggy Tale and Handmade Monday.

I have been unwell now for several weeks, a virol infection I am told.  Lost my voice for three of those weeks and am just getting it back although still a bit husky. As it hurt to try talking it has improved my sign language no end.

Talking about sign language, I will relate a small situation I found myself in this morning.
As  I am sure most of you are aware, I am the grateful owner of an elderly mutt, I refer to her thus as the Vet claims her Grandmother was raped by a fox.  I don't know if that is possible but it is certainly feasible as she came from a New Age Travellers site and she certainly was mistaken for one on several occasions in her youth.

She is fifteen now and as deaf as a post.

Picture this if you can. 

This 70 year old Gran in her dressing gown and slippers at 7 ish in the morning standing in her back gateway which leads out onto the large common at the rear of her property doing frantic hand signals which rather resemble a rain dance to this deaf mutt who, in her own silent little world has wondered from one delicious smell to another and ended up 3oo yards away.  Unfortunately she has, by now, done more than her usual tinkle and this stupid old woman has the added problem of finding and picking up whilst hoping against hope that no other dog walker is about to appear through the woods and catch her at it.

Rosie has always been a very obedient dog, never any trouble at all, I could walk through the busiest town without a lead and she never moves from your side, step for step she is with you but I am absolutely certain she has twigged that if she does not look at me she does not have to do as she is told. Grrr.

Back gate is just off bottom left corner.

Now I only have a small offering for Hand Made Monday, just another three panels for the twins quilts.


These are 12" square, or will be by the time they are inserted. 10 completed, 2 to go.  It seems to be taking forever.

Now is the time to pop along to and have a look at all the other well deserved offerings.

Hopefully it won't be so long between blogs now I am on the mend.  Have a wonderful week everyone.