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Friday, 16 September 2011

My contribution for Handmade Monday - Make sure you visit all the other very excellent blogs.

The year was 1955
I was 15 and 4 weeks into my first job.
We were village people whose only contribution to modern living was a washing machine and a telephone.
My new job, of which I was inordinately proud, was Office Junior for an insurance company, a 45 minute bus ride to the centre of the local town.  In those days offices also opened on a Saturday morning.
I felt 'The Bees Knees" climbing aboard that bus with the grown-ups every morning.
This particular Saturday morning the Chief Clerk begrudgingly took a phone message from my Mother.  I was to call at a butchers shop after leaving work to collect a parcel of dog meat she had ordered.
I finished work at midday and dutifully carried out my Mothers instructions collecting said parcel on the way to the bus stop for my return to 'the sticks'.
It was a cumbersome newspaper wrapped bundle and quite heavy.  I already had a large handbag, a paper carrier bag and a brolly so it was a bit of a struggle.
The bus queue went on for ever.  The notice on the bus platform stated that the bus seated 28 persons.  I was one of the remaining 30 odd who squeezed themselves along the gangway all equally determined to get home.
I was squashed into what little space was left by an extremely large lady sitting in the seat to my left and hanging out halfway over the gangway.
The parcel gradually got heavier, my arms were fit to drop off.  Eventually, in desperation I thought I would put the parcel into the rack above the seats.  (Buses had parcel racks in those days).
No sooner the thought than the deed.  I lifted my tired arms towards the rack over the large lady, the awkward package wobbled, split open, and the contents rolled down into the expansive lap of the said lady who screamed very shrilly and fainted.
I was so mortified that I fought my way up to the front of the bus, rang the bell and got off in the middle of nowhere walking the remaining five miles home.

The contents of the parcel?

Oh yes.

Three sheeps heads complete with fur, eyes and tongues.


  1. I can certainly remember buses like that - glad I didn't have to carry that sort of package.


  2. Oh my word Carol. No wonder you remember it so well! I laughed so much at this, thank you! x

  3. lol That was so funny Carol (not at the time though I bet!)

  4. I laughed so much reading this story...

    Now that is one way to get yourself a seat!! A hilarious story now but I am sure it wasn't so funny at the time!!

    Wonder if the rest of the bus remembered it as clearly - I can't imagine you would forget something like that in a hurry!!

    Ali x

  5. sounds like a tale that was dead embaarassing at the time but pretty funny after the event xxx

  6. Sadly it was true. I got myself a bike after that and rode to work daily taking the shorter route through the villages. The weekly payments on the bike were less than the bus fairs anyway.

  7. A great story Carol, I'm glad it wasn't me that it landed on. :o)

    Jan x

  8. I would love to have been on that bus, so funny as always Carol

  9. What a funny story, although really embarrassing at the time, it made me laugh.

  10. Oh this is such a great story, one for your book I think! You paint such a lovely picture of times gone by, thank you

  11. Aaaah! Brilliant story, thanks for making me laugh so much! x

  12. Lol that made me laugh carol :)

  13. lol I'd love to hear the story told from that lady's point of view! Thanks for the giggles. Anna x

  14. Great post! really made me chuckle! x

  15. A great story Carol. You made me laugh out loud.

  16. Perhaps, I shouldn't have read that post while eating my lunch...;-)