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Monday, 28 May 2012

Getting there slowly

I have been a silent watcher for a couple of weeks.  Read all your blogs but not left comments.  Didn't want to pass on my black moods when you were showing such lovely things and having great discussions but I did enjoy it all from the silent sidelines. 
Getting things back together a bit thank goodness.  Made a bag for my holiday cruise. 
Now we all know we have to take something to do whilst away.  I bet none of you can bare to sit with your hands empty or your fingers idle, I am just the same so needed something summery but also useful for carrying cameras etc., when tripping off the boat. 
I made this from a load of 4" squares inherrited from a crafter who sadly passed away some years ago.  There was a huge pile of assorted colours and designs which, over the years, I am gradually using up. It is fitted it with dual types of handles depending on what I am using it for at any given time. The white is just sheeting from Dunhelms and the plastic handles, well, I have had them sooo long I don't know where they originated.  The buckle thingy on the long handle came curtesy of The Equity Shoe Factory at which both my aunts worked.  What I would call a totally ecconomical bag.

As I have not entered Handmade Monday for a few weeks perhaps I can offer this.  Go to Handmade Harbour   to see what everyone else has offered.  You will be amazed at the variety offered.  Apologies to Wendy for being so remiss.

Friday, 11 May 2012

So sad

We lost a devoted friend, faithful companion, light of our life and my second skin this week.  We feel, at the moment, as if we will never get over it.  She has been with us  for nearly fifteen years and only once did she spend a week away when she stayed with her previous master, my youngest son whilst we went on holiday.  If I remember right, I spent the week worrying about how she was getting on and she spent the same week fretting.  We never left her again.
She was the gentlest of creatures.  I have never known her to growl and she would take food from your hand so carefully you never knew she had had it.
What are we going to do without her.  
If we go out we don't want to come home to an empty house. No welcome when we get up each morning.   No dog hairs.  No muddy roses on the floor. No walks down to the brook.  No frolics through the woods outside the back gate. No more sneeking round to next door for an extra titbit. 
I am not going to have another pet because it hurts far too much when you lose them. 
How long does this hurt last?  It feels like it will go on for ever.