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Thursday, 12 July 2012


I am sorry that my blogging is so spazmodic, unfortunately it is due to OH's up and down health issues.  When his Artheritis is so bad he just sits glued to this machine as its the only other thing besides watching TV that he can do unaided.  I do lever  him away several times a day to allow me to do some Modding on one of my fav.forums and chat occasionally to friends on another.  He is having a good week this week so the pooter is mine for a change.

I had empty evening hands a few days ago so had a search through my stash and discovered some yarn I bought on ebay a couple years ago by mistake.  I thought I was buying ordinary yarn, it was the colour I was going for, but it turned out to be one of those fun yarns that are only suitable for funkey scarves etc., so got hidden away in a box never to see daylight againm  I decided that this was the day I found a use for it and he presto,

Plus a few brass buttons from my aged aunts stash and some lining that I haven't a clue about.  This is going on my cruise with me on the 21st.  Go lovely with navy trousers and purple/plum top. 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Baby Gift


I had made this a month ago but was unable to show you until the baby had arrived in case the new mum spotted it.
Baby now arrived, a lovely little boy - Alexander Michael.
Mother and baby doing very well.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Knave of Hearts

My pal is going to a Mad Hatters Tea Party next month, lucky devil, and wanted something suitable to wear.
As I had been nominated as provider I needed something as simple as possible so came up with The Knavee of Hearts because it's just a tabbard and a cardboard crown.  I have suggested either red or lovett green trousers  to complete the outfit.
It actually has not cost a red cent to date.  Old gold curtains, old green velvet curtains (never throw anything away obviously) and a bit of red from my stash.  Hey Presto we have

Oops, I should have got the iron out.  Never mind, you will get the general idea.  It is the same back and front.

I think I mentioned in an earlier blog that I have accidentally started another quilt.  This is hand sewn only as I had run out of stuff to do whilst watching TV in the evenings and I already had lots of bits cut out from a previous project, i.e. a craft this is just a quick preview - 3 1/2" squares and the pattern is called Drunkards Path. - well, one variation of it, there are many. lol.

Not the best reproduction in the world, I am sorry the colours don't show as they should. It will be one of those put down and pick up jobs that could last for years and uses all your random bits up - hopefully.
Handmade Monday is peeping round the corner again.  I am just going to pop over and have a look at what everyone has been up to.  Why don't you follow me, it will be well worth the effort at Handmade Harbour..

Monday, 18 June 2012

Crafting from the past.

Well what a surprising day I have had.  I travelled to Lutterworth to meet Frances (Floating Craft) from The Craft Forum who was donating some elderly magazines, which had belonged to her Mother, to a good home.  Thinking that they were exactly that and knowing the Craft Club I attend would love them I arranged to collect them this morning.
They turned out to be two boxes of bound volumes of Hobies Weekly dating back to 1942 - I think that is the earliest, have not checked properly yet.  They are amazing.  I cannot believe my good fortune.  So full of such great and ecconomical ideas.  I am afraid the Craft Club won't be getting them yet awhile. They are such fun that I want to share a few bits and pieces with you.

Did you think Mars Bars were a relatively new product, well just look at this, a page from 1943.  Mind you, you can take it from me that they were a rarity, in fact I don't recall having sweets at all during the war.

This perpetual callender would not look out of place in a childs bedroom today.

1942 and WW2 sense of humour...

The voice from the radio is saying "Hus day of reckoning is coming"  and Hitlers bored response is "Mein Gott! Another 365 days of worries".

Another reminder of the hardships of the era.

I remember the horrible blackout curtains.  Not even a tiniest chink of light must show through or the warden would be knocking on your door and giving you a right old telling off.

There are so many projects made out of wood, like childrens toys, furnature, all kinds of knick knacks, garden impliments, oh too many to list. I bet I know of a few wood turners that would enjoy a shifty through these pages too.

I am absolutely certain that I will be sharing lots  with you as I work my way through the volumns and I feel sure you won;t be bored.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Its Handmade Monday time again.

These days it seems that the only times I blog is when handmade Monday comes around again. 
Another busy weekend.  We were invited to a family wedding and our family is no different to anyone elses family in that there are several factions who are often pulling in opposite directions which can make family get togethers a trifle nerve wracking.  I did, sort of, try to wriggle out of it.  I sent the Wedding cushion I showed a couple of weeks ago in case I found a cast iron reason for not attending that would not cause offence. 
I know you all get where I'm coming from.
I couldn't blame the dog.
Hubby was quite well considering.
The roof didn't fall in.
We went.  Had a wonderful time.  Everyone behaved impeccably.  Loads of reasonably well behaved children, no one drank too much. food was great, and to top it all guess what was in the very centre of the gift table.  Yep.  My cushion.  So I think you can count that as this weeks success.

Pic of me walking out of the door ready for the 'off'

It seems to be the season for weddings so I had another cushion to make.  This one is going down south to a friend of No.1 son and partner.  She is a lovely girl who I first met about 20 years ago.  I used the same fabrics as before so 2 for the price of 1.  I have taken some pics of the detail this time to stop the boredom factor. lol.
The little flowers are 3cm across and crochetted in very fine cotton.  Most of the embroidery is done in single thread of embroidery silk, the writing is two rows in dif. colours to creat a slight 3D effect but I can't get that to show with my cheepo camera.

Right.  Here goes.

Thats me done for the day.  Do pop over to Handmade Harbour to view everyone elses work, you will enjoy your visit, I guarantee it.

Thursday, 7 June 2012


I regularly read a blog from a lady in Thailand.  She posts so many pictures of the shops and all the wonderful, colourful fabrics they stock.  Most of the manufacturers are not on the internet in her area so we cannot buy direct but as you may recall from a previous blog this lovely lady Jill has bought for me and posted.  Gosh, I would never have any money left if I lived anywhere those lovely warehouses.  I look at the pictures and ache to go. Of course, I might win the lottery any day soon in which case............

There appears to be a lot of hatching and some batching around me but so far, fortunately, no dispatching .  So I am busy making wedding gifts and baby gifts again.  Happy times for all I hope.
Keep my fingers occupied for a few days, or weeks, depending on what I decide to do.   A memory cushion is top of my list at the moment as the wedding is imminent.  They have about 8 children between them so have everything for the home.  I thought a little luxury for the bedroom would probably go down quite well hence the cushion.  Next is a pinkish little cardi for about 6 month old cos it will be winter then.  Hopefully she won't want woollies during the summer months.  Weeeeell, in theory she shouldn't. lol.  Another Wedding, but next year.  Giving us plenty of advanced notice this time.  Haven't a clue what to do for that one. Waiting for inspiration.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Decisions, decisions

It has been a week of decisions rather than work.  It gradually dawned on me that my main problem was lack of fitness.  If I did anything out of the norm I ended up with a pulled muscle or at the very least stiff limbs. 

Over weight.  Oh soooo over weight.  Being only 5'1" I am sure if I fell over I would roll. 

Depressed because of all these things too. 

I think, at times, we all arrive at this "Day of enlightenment".  Mine came last Wednesday after yet another restless night when finally crawling out of bed and realising it was make or break day I took myself off to enroll with a Gym.  It had to be one with a pool as I would rather be in the water than on the rowing machine etc.,.

I am now a paid up member and have been every day - yes, every day.  Walking up and down that stretch of water as if my life depended on it. Less impact on the joints apparently and no, no one quite shouted "Save the Whale" as I stepped in. lol..  Another week of this and I can gravitate towards the treadmill and the bike.

I could not believe how much I had deteriorated, age of course don't help but its no excuse.  Muscles? What muscles? just flab. 

I have 6 weeks to get into some kind of shape before my holiday which is a cruise with the whole family who will be spending all their time in various water activities in which I would be unable participate. I would hate that.

Let this be a lesson to all you avid crafters.  Sitting on your backside sewing and knitting and anything else you do requiring a sedentary position aint good for you.  Well, thats my excuse.

Talking about sedentary and avid, I took this pic this morning at breakfast time.  All the males in the family were sitting avidly watching Smurfs and wrapped in some of Grandma's quilts. 

Mainly due to my other activities  I only have something small to offer for Handmade Monday.  I would not have bothered but trying to keep to the spirit of the event.

Now do pop over to Wendys Handmade Monday on Handmade Harbour.there is always some lovely things there.