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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Handmade Monday.

Follow the link and enjoy the many varied blogs involved.  Take the opportunity of seeing some beautiful hand made items, reading such interesting articles and generally embracing the whole idea of Handmade Monday.  You won't regret it.
We have entertained three 6 year olds and one just 7 year old for the weekend and have had such fun.  There was no agro at all, everyone had a wonderful time.  My lounge was taken over as a 'camp' with sheets and quilts spread over clothes horses, chair backs and anything else that would prop them up,  All the household cushions found themselves in the camp doubling up as beds plus a couple of pillows. Clothes pegs too.  It all hung together on a wing and a prayer but, oh boy, did they have fun.  I will remember it for a long time, I hope they will too.  I think they will, things like that they end up relating to their own children don't they.

So young, so clean, so pure,
So innocent unto the core.
Eyes clear and trouble free,
Just how they should be.

How can we protect,
The already perfect
In every way
This child of today.

How soon will it fade
Or the innocence jade
In the name of maturity
To loose so much purity.


  1. I can remember doing that as a child and it was the best fun ever, didn't need expensive theme parks just a blanket over a clothes horse and the end of the sofa, some cushions and little bowls of snacks and we'd play for hours. Simple times. The poem is beautiful and very true. x

  2. Carol... you have taken me back to building campsites in the living room and expecting my mum to bring me tomato soup cos that is what you had when you were camping :)

  3. Love camp sites with goodies on tap. So hard to maintain the innocence as they grow up far too fast now, childhood is so precious

  4. Sounds just like life when I was growing up - it was such fun to turn my nan's lounge upside down and make it into camps, houses, etc. Every pieces of furniture became something completely different to its original purpose.

  5. Perfect weekend I would say and yes they will be talking about it for a long time. I used to raid my mum's bedsheets on washing day and make a tent in the gap where the twin tub had been pulled out from - until mum needed to wash them of course.

  6. I loved playing these games when I was a nipper, the cushions became islands, upturned stools were boats, the 'seas' were filled with sharks and monsters, my children also played these games and now it's the turn of my grandson... wonderful.

    Jan x

  7. I love making a tent in the living room for the flop and i'm looking forward to the day she plays at camping wth her baby sister :) sounds like you had a lovely time x

  8. sounds like so much fun - i do miss all that now that my daughter is all grown up

  9. Ah, I bet they had so much fun and will definitely pass it on to their own children in years to come. Like the short poem, they grow up so fast.

  10. Aw that was so cool when you were a kid. In all fairness if I could get away with it I would make a camp up in my front room right now. However the adult in me screams no... because I would have to tidy up afterwards.

  11. Gosh - am tired just thinking about entertaining four under-sevens, but I do remember making those kind of dens as a kid - simple pleasures!

  12. So very sweet. So nice to read fun stuff, thank you. :)

  13. It's little things like makeshift camps that make memories. I loved reading this - thank you x