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Thursday, 17 November 2011

A timely warning for those proposing matrimony?

It is Thursday again, this is my contribution for our blog hop.  Have a look at for all the other contributions.  Some lovely 'makes' to be seen.

A friend recently told me she ws getting married again, third time lucky she said.  I took a deep breath and this is what I told her.

I've quietly studied
The species of Man,
I'll put pen to paper,
And describe if I can,
The many varieties
The species span.
There's Tom, Dick and Harry,
A Michael and Dan.
There's film stars and singers,
You could be a fan.
Short ones, tall ones,
Beefcakes with a tan,
Adonis's, athletes,
And then 'also rans'.
Some come as loners,
Others in clans
Some on buses
Some on trams.
Some own houses
Some own land.
Others on
Street corners stand.
Lets face it girls,
Theres nothing grand,
About a fella,
With nothing planned.
Go for the jugular,
The plain gold band.
Security sits
On your left hand.

(If I have shown this one before I apologise, I have looked back and can't find it anywhere.)


  1. Hehe. Wonder who should read that!

  2. Very good Carol, I have just had the one 32 years later and still trying to get him trained, lol

  3. Super Carol.... and what did your friend say?

  4. LOL, like it. I did better the second time:)