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Friday, 10 February 2012

People constantly surprise me

Even those whom I consider I know well.  And while I am on that subject I would like to thank all you kind people that leave such wonderful, heart lifting messages for me.  It is so lovely to have your work appreciated by someone which brings me neatly back to my other reason for blogging today.
My daughter has never appeared to show much, if any, interest in my crafting, if it didn't come from Next, TKMax etc., it wasn't worth a dime.
However, today I was having a chuck-out session in her sons' bedroom, (they have one at my house as well as their own home,) stuff they have grown out of like clothes and toys.  Amongst this was two rag dolls I made several years ago on a project with Daycare clients at Age Concern.  pic below:-

Known as Purple Pattie and Ginger Tom.
I now have an 18month step G.G.Daughter so thought I would pass them on as they are completely machine washable. 
MyDaughter threw her hands up in horror saying that I should keep them.  I replied that when I was gone someone would only throw them in the skip, which, lets face it, they do and that would be a waste if a child could benefit.  My daughter declared that when that time came she would give them a good home.
To say you could have knocked me down with a feather is understating it.
Of all the many things I have made she has taken to two rag dolls.  Life is full of surprises.


  1. Wow, that would surprise me too. Nobody takes any interest in what I do here, aside from the husband who told me off earlier for 'littering up the worktops in the kitchen with paintings'. He'll eat his words when I achieve my first masterpiece LOL, though we may have retired by then.
    Love purple pattie and ginger tom, no wonder they are remembered with affection.


  2. The sentimental value of items sometimes only becomes apparent when you are at risk of losing them. I think your daughter just demonstrated that. Lovely rag dolls by the way - I can see how they would hold nice memories.

    Ali x

  3. I think when you craft you put some of yourself into each item you make and when someone is derogatory it hurst far more than if you bought something to give. For your daughter to say she would give them a home is wonderful and I love Purple Pattie and Ginger Tom and we appreciate you x

  4. Long live Purple Pattie and Ginger Tom! They are lovely and I can understand your daughter's wish for them to 'stay at home'. Families are the hardest to please with our craft work aren't they? My OH is great, but my sister has a habit of telling me it is very hard to find handmade cards!!