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Sunday, 26 February 2012

The end of another weekend.

Sunday evening always makes me feel as if I should summarise the week, what I have made, what I failed to complete and what I could have achieved if I had made that little extra effort.  I try not to dwell on the last one because it is a waste of time, it happened, or I should say failed to.
OK so I have had quite a severe cold during the week, still coughing, I think I am hooked on linctus by now but at least it appears to have subsided somewhat, keeping fingers crossed it doesn't come back and hit me again like they often do.
I have managed a couple more panels for the quilt -

Also a friends small boy has a birthday coming up and she asked me to make him a cushion for his bed, had to be red and white and squashy so this is what I came up with.   I have made it into a pyjama case and it is padded with thick foam wadding and lined with white cotton  sheeting so very  washable.

It is Handmade Monday so can I suggest you pop along to and have a look at some lovely crafted articles.

One way and another I am having a traumatic weekend. Lots of phone calls and crying.  I have two aunts, one 87 and the other 93 in a couple of months.  Both live in their own homes, the older one with her partner who is 92.
The 93 year old has fallen out with her partner, The problem is not what they have argued over but their age,  They should have help in but will not admit that they need it and I get shot down in flames if I even hint at them not managing.  I should add that these Aunts never had children so guess who has to pick up the slack.  They all live about 35 miles from me so not so easily accessible.  The younger Aunt is also crying because the older one is upset.
I am about to get shot down in flames yet again because I am contacting their Doctor tomorrow to get them to go in and insist they have some help.  They will listen to him because, in their eyes he has the voice of authority. 
Wish me luck.


  1. Oh Carol, good luck with the doctor thing. My sister and I have been trying to get my dad to the doctor's for over 2 years about his memory. We're going to see the doctor ourselves to discuss it - it's such a minefield when the patient won't admit they need help (in my dad's case, he can't even remember enough to know he needs help). I've sorted out the link, will try and have a closer look tomorrow, am off to bed now!! (PS love the quilt panels and PJ case!)

  2. Carol good luck with the AA's older people can be so stubborn think it is all about accepting help and letting go of their independence and can imagine we will be just the same when our time comes. As you know we have no children and no close relatives so will probably hole ourselves up in the house and moan together.

    Love how the quilt is coming along and that PJ case is to die for.

  3. The quilt panels are lovely Carol and I can't wait to see them all together. Families, who'd 'ave 'em! Can't live with them and can't live without them (almost). Good luck with the doc - hope he manages to get some sense into them. Hope you have a good week.

  4. You are right to call the shots and get the GP in. Just don't say i told you so, when they agree. They'll not admit you were right all along.
    You are so kind to be doing all that you do.

  5. Good luck with the doc Carol. My Mum is 84, limited mobility and no sight but lives with my younger sister. She understands her limitations and sees them as a way of life and not a weakness.

    Take care

    Jan x

  6. The quilt panels are coming along lovely.
    Sorry no advice for the aunts. Hope the Doc helps them.

  7. The quilt panels look really good. Hope the little boy likes his pajama case cushion.

  8. The quilt panels are lovely and the PJ case is brilliant. I don't have personal experience of dealing with your situation but I come across and deal with it quite often in my day job (most recently being yesterday) Quite often the voice/appearance of authority does the trick. Elderly people (usually) listen more than they would to a family member, its nothing personal to the family member its just how they were brought up to look after themselves and not be a burden on others. I won't go on but best of luck, I'm sure you'll get it sorted out soon. x

  9. I really like your PJ case cushion! Brilliant idea and I bet he'll love it.
    Sorry to read of your elderly aunts, it's very sad for the family members when things like this happen and they won't get help. Hopefully your call to the doctor will do the trick. But all credit to them being the ages they are and still living in their own homes! Whether they are managing well or not, that is quite something! Good luck with the doctor, I hope for your sake they will take his/her advice.