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Sunday, 12 February 2012

A little self analysing

My little dog is nearing the end of her days.  She will be 15 this coming June which is quite a good age.  We have had her since she was a year old,  As I spend more and more time worrying about what I will do without her another question is forcing itself forward in my head.  Why do I waste what time she has left worrying about that, why can’t I simply throw myself into celebrating each day we have left? 

How selfish.  I am obviously more concerned with my feelings than hers.  I would not have believed I could be like that but I suppose it’s the old “Self Preservation” coming to the fore.

The other selfish thing I dwell on is “will I have to make the decision for her”.  “Maybe she will go in her sleep? “

I do know that if I can manage to adopt a more positive attitude towards this, recognise and remember that we all have a set lifetime span, probably laid out from the day we were born, and make the very best of what I have left with her I will be in a far better state of mind when her time finally comes.

The moral of the story is:-

Celebrate Life Whilst You Can.


  1. A very honest and poignant post and one that all pet owners will be able to relate to, I am sure. Your last sentence is so true and one I think we can all learn from.

    Enjoy your companionship for as long as you can and don't waste a moment.

    Ali x

  2. I know those feelings, my eldest dog is 12 this year but we lost all three of our old dogs at age 12 a couple of years back, so I do that same selfish worrying - so those words have helped me too, really MUST enjoy each day and not worry about how grey and doddery she is now.

    Your companion is a 'little dog' they can live another 4 years yet, so you really must enjoy your time with her.

    Lynda x

  3. A very difficult time Carol - we know that we may have to make the decision, but it certainly doesn't make it any easier.

    Enjoy her time and spent it with her.


  4. Hello Carol

    A sad post, and not one to make cheerful comments on, but I would like to award you 'The Liebster Award' - see my blog for further details