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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Tree of many colours.

Thursday blog hope has come round again and we are experiencing an Indian summer.  Enough to make one wax lyrical isnt it.  Check out all the  lovely crafty objects via

Oh Tree of many colours,
Long shadows towards night.
Time for casting off the worn,
And keeping loved ones tight.

The solemn rituals of life,
The need to store and nest.
To gather winter fuel and food,
Put stamina to the test.

Maybe we think, as humans,
We are above the rest.
Our instincts are still animal,
Who says they’re not the best?

Monday, 26 September 2011

Sunday night sky over Rugby

It can't be measured by man
The span
Twix heaven and land
The hand
Of the Almighty
With his pallet and brush
A hush
As his touch
Creates such
That makes us what we are.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Handmade Monday comes round again.


It’s all so wonderful because of the dreams,
But in reality, not as it seems.
Our eyes deceive us whilst looking at this,
Nothing is seen that our minds want to miss.
When your heart is involved and holds hard to that dream,
It’s rose tinted glasses that scan the scene.
If only all truths were so easy to hide,
And the less salubrious side be denied.
Would ignorance make life more palatable?
Could we really be so gullible?

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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Contribution for Thursday Blog Hop

Several years ago I owned a Transport Cafe

Trying to sort out all my scribbles I came across this.  I can only imagine that I wrote it towards the end of my Cafe Proprietoral life and was very tired.  Having read it through it gave me a smile which I would like to pass on to you all.

The fores and againsts of owning a Transport Cafe.  I have edited it slightly as there were a few rudish words in it, as I said, I was so very tired towards the end.

1.                  Getting home at night smelling like a fried sausage.
2.                  Listening to the same rubbish jokes over and over from the self appointed village                comedians
3.                  Watching the door for the local very unwashed tramp to clear the cafĂ© with his odour.
4.                  Fishing the loo roll out of the gents toilet.
5.                  Trying to squeeze the £2.00 overnight money out of a driver sneakily parked out back all night.
6.                  Doing 150 sausage sandwiches and drinks at 5.30am on a Sunday morning for the Angling Club who want to be on the bank in half an hour..
7.                  Trying to fill in for two members of staff who have taken a sudden sickie on the same day.
8.                  Getting up at 5.30 am 7 days a week (except Angling Club Sundays when its earlier)
9.                  Entertaining the difficult Health and Safety guy from the Council every year.
10.              The monthly de-grease of the kitchen walls and ceiling due to everything being cooked in deep fat/oil.
11.              The electricity  breaking down 4 or 5 times a year (No gas in the village)

And the good part

12        Selling to some unsuspecting buyer so I can retire.

Message to Raindrops n Roses

I cant leave messages on your blog, I could if you added Name URL but you might not want to.  Anyway what I wanted to say was........ "That is what was wrong with my DD and she did end up having medical intervention - result - twin boys for which we are eternally grateful.  Your girls look absolutely lovely laying there and so happy and content.  Well done."

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Three recycled cards from one of my birthday cards plus a bit.

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago.  I like to keep the cards up for some time knowing that they have cost someone time and money to remember me and that way I can show my appreciation. 
Today was the day they came down from the mantlepiece and window ledge for recycling.   It always surprises me just how much you can cut out of one card.

Friday, 16 September 2011

My contribution for Handmade Monday - Make sure you visit all the other very excellent blogs.

The year was 1955
I was 15 and 4 weeks into my first job.
We were village people whose only contribution to modern living was a washing machine and a telephone.
My new job, of which I was inordinately proud, was Office Junior for an insurance company, a 45 minute bus ride to the centre of the local town.  In those days offices also opened on a Saturday morning.
I felt 'The Bees Knees" climbing aboard that bus with the grown-ups every morning.
This particular Saturday morning the Chief Clerk begrudgingly took a phone message from my Mother.  I was to call at a butchers shop after leaving work to collect a parcel of dog meat she had ordered.
I finished work at midday and dutifully carried out my Mothers instructions collecting said parcel on the way to the bus stop for my return to 'the sticks'.
It was a cumbersome newspaper wrapped bundle and quite heavy.  I already had a large handbag, a paper carrier bag and a brolly so it was a bit of a struggle.
The bus queue went on for ever.  The notice on the bus platform stated that the bus seated 28 persons.  I was one of the remaining 30 odd who squeezed themselves along the gangway all equally determined to get home.
I was squashed into what little space was left by an extremely large lady sitting in the seat to my left and hanging out halfway over the gangway.
The parcel gradually got heavier, my arms were fit to drop off.  Eventually, in desperation I thought I would put the parcel into the rack above the seats.  (Buses had parcel racks in those days).
No sooner the thought than the deed.  I lifted my tired arms towards the rack over the large lady, the awkward package wobbled, split open, and the contents rolled down into the expansive lap of the said lady who screamed very shrilly and fainted.
I was so mortified that I fought my way up to the front of the bus, rang the bell and got off in the middle of nowhere walking the remaining five miles home.

The contents of the parcel?

Oh yes.

Three sheeps heads complete with fur, eyes and tongues.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Thursday Blog Hop -

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MyBest Pal.

My little dog is 14 now and is showing all the signs that an old lady of her years does.  Her memory is atrocious and her heart is a bit dickie.  This is a ditty I wrote about her around 4 years ago after one of our vigorous romps across the common with 2 year old twins in tow trying to keep up with her.
Now she struggles to keep up with them and they are looking after her.

Quiet, unobtrusive,
But mine exclusive.
So therapeutic,
Can't bottle it.

God help those
Who try to impose,
She's natures alarm,
Keeps me from harm.

The bond we share,
Such a powerful affair.
My love for her will be,
Equalled only by her devotion to me.

She asks nothing for herself,
So who needs wealth.
She gives her love freely,
Honest and truly.

Now she is ten, seventy of our years,
Am I prepared for the tears?

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Tuesday after Handmade Monday

I was unable to participate in Handmade Monday this week as day to day life took over yet again but I have been looking at all the offerings and it brought home just how much tallent and how many unsung, gifted people there are on our own doorstep. So many fresh, new ideas seep through the pages of your blogs that I run out of suitable adjectives.  From cards to cakes and bedding to bags collecting jewellery and wood crafters en route and they all seem to have that 'well loved' look too.  It beggars belief that you all don't make oodles of dosh for your ideas alone never mind the finished product.
As well as Handmade Monday, accessed via Wendys blog or there is Thursday Blog Hop via Carolee Crafts and now on the drawing board we have October Shop Hop also via Carolee Crafts. These can also be accessed through 'Handmade by Me' at
All of the above are excellent showcases for your crafts as I know most of you are aware, and it certainly gives the old creative juices a nudge along when knowing you have deadlines to meet such as these. 
Never doubt your work.  If you have put your heart and soul into it there is always someone somewhere who will see its real beauty.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Thankyou all for your birthday wishes

My pooter has crashed and I can,t access most of my stuff from my laptop because I foolishly didnt download all my passwords so having to guess them.  The moral of the story is you prob. won't see me for a few days unless I can get my proverbial finger out and sort things.
Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes.  I do appreciate them.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Little note for Picto.

Still can't comment on your blog but I loved the sock monkey and the unicorn plaque.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Handmade Monday offering.

Handmade Monday.

I am cutting back this Christmas.  Any cards that get sent will be part of my recycled collection.  I don't make cards normally and I certainly would not buy embellishments although I have had a lot given to me so am making good use of them.
These are two of my simple offerings.  They are cut-outs from last years received cards.  I am getting quite nifty with the old scissors now.  They also have inserts with little ditties to make them a tad more interesting. The one with the Church scene is standing off the card and I have used a pencil to shadow around the tree and the steeple to add to the 3D effect.