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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Handmade Monday offering.

Handmade Monday.

I am cutting back this Christmas.  Any cards that get sent will be part of my recycled collection.  I don't make cards normally and I certainly would not buy embellishments although I have had a lot given to me so am making good use of them.
These are two of my simple offerings.  They are cut-outs from last years received cards.  I am getting quite nifty with the old scissors now.  They also have inserts with little ditties to make them a tad more interesting. The one with the Church scene is standing off the card and I have used a pencil to shadow around the tree and the steeple to add to the 3D effect.


  1. (All card makers turn away now)

    I very rarely buy cards....

    ok you can look now.

    I do try to recycle any cards I do have, usually into labels or notelets. I think a lot of peeps will be cutting back this Christmas, I am and I know a lot of my friends are.

    Jan x

  2. I think everyone is cutting back. Your cards are really effective and a good way of dealing with what is usually a complete waste! I hate throwing cards away and have a stash which I use for all sorts of stuff.

  3. Everyone is cutting back this year - I'm planning to start some sewing again after a gap of 30 years, and will be reusing as much fabric from things I no longer use as I can. I don't have the ability to draw, otherwise I'd be making my own cards as well!

  4. What a great idea to use last years cards to make this years. We use the pictures as labels sometimes.


  5. Quite right, I never buy my own cards now and I think the recipient appreciates a handmade card. Yours are great I especially like the way you have done the 3d effect with the pencil. Glad you got all your blog probs sorted.

  6. Recycling Christmas cards is an excellent ideas! I used to do it as a kid and just stopped. I think you have the right idea.

  7. I love recycling Christmas cards! I've also started on mine :)