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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Contribution for Thursday Blog Hop

Several years ago I owned a Transport Cafe

Trying to sort out all my scribbles I came across this.  I can only imagine that I wrote it towards the end of my Cafe Proprietoral life and was very tired.  Having read it through it gave me a smile which I would like to pass on to you all.

The fores and againsts of owning a Transport Cafe.  I have edited it slightly as there were a few rudish words in it, as I said, I was so very tired towards the end.

1.                  Getting home at night smelling like a fried sausage.
2.                  Listening to the same rubbish jokes over and over from the self appointed village                comedians
3.                  Watching the door for the local very unwashed tramp to clear the café with his odour.
4.                  Fishing the loo roll out of the gents toilet.
5.                  Trying to squeeze the £2.00 overnight money out of a driver sneakily parked out back all night.
6.                  Doing 150 sausage sandwiches and drinks at 5.30am on a Sunday morning for the Angling Club who want to be on the bank in half an hour..
7.                  Trying to fill in for two members of staff who have taken a sudden sickie on the same day.
8.                  Getting up at 5.30 am 7 days a week (except Angling Club Sundays when its earlier)
9.                  Entertaining the difficult Health and Safety guy from the Council every year.
10.              The monthly de-grease of the kitchen walls and ceiling due to everything being cooked in deep fat/oil.
11.              The electricity  breaking down 4 or 5 times a year (No gas in the village)

And the good part

12        Selling to some unsuspecting buyer so I can retire.


  1. I love no 12 and no 2 reminded me of the excuses students gave for not having their work with them - as if I hadn't heard them all before. Lovely Carol - thank you.


  2. Oh defo agree with No. 12, vary funny Carol