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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Doiggie Dementia.

Our pet is 15 now and stone deaf which can be quite a problem especially when you add the dreaded aging dementia. She forgets where she is, where the door is, where her bed is,. Mind you, she never forgets meal times or treat times, but I suppose that is instinct.
Each evening at 10.30 ish one of us takes her up the garden and out the back gate for her late night tinkle. Well last night she disappeared into the darkness and forgot to come back. Chucking it down with rain, wind howling, me in my slippers - are you beginning to get the picture - good (I think). We have an intruder light over that gate so I have to keep waving at it to keep it on but still could not see her. Went to fetch OH and a couple of torches and back to wander over the Common in the hope that we can find her. No good calling of course. Finally the torch picked up a pair of yellow eyes, scared me half to death, thought it was a fox but no, it was a very frightened and wet Rosie wondering where the hell she was.
I wasn't exactly warm, dry and comfortable either. Not a pretty sight.

On another note, wedding cushion now complete.  Only draped over another cushion at the moment as I need a 20" pad for it.  Meant to get one today butg with this inclement weather...........?   I'm sure you will understand.

Ooops.  I forgot to link this to Handmade Monday.  Good job Wendy left a comment or it would have passed me by again.  Thats 1stUniquegifts/Handmade Monday.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Little gift for a big nephew.

One of my nephews is getting married.  He and his partner have both been married before and have children from their respective marriages.   They also have their own home as have been together for some time now.  All this makes it difficult to give a suitable gift, they already have everything they want or need, so I decided to do a memory cushion. Having made the centre panel I am looking for white curtain type fabric for the rest of the cushion.  Last time I got just what I wanted from Dunhelm's shop but they appear to have cut back on their fabrics and naturalaly mine is one of those that has disappeared from the shelves.
I only need half a metre.   I could purchase on the internet but will incur £5 plus for postage and packaging which is a bit grim on such a small amount.
I know just what you are thinking, why not buy more to make it worth while.  If I do that with the enormous stash I have in my shed someone else in our household will have a fit of appoplexy. Grrrr.

However, a few quick pics of the panel which is completely hand sewn (except the hearts) got them from my local Aladins cave of a shop.

I do regret not doing the horseshoe in silver now but it is too late.

I am going to offer this post as my contribution to Wendy's Handmade Monday.  Do pop along and have a look at all the other beautiful offerings.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Handmade Monday 9,4,12

Oh dear, I have been very lax again but do have a lovely tale to tell you.

I bought a couple of metres of fabric locally.  It was lovely to work with and the design was tiny, just fitted the bill for the job in hand.  However, I hadn't bought enough but on returning to my little fabric shop - yes, you have guessed it - all gone.
The only identifying mark on the scraps left was the word 'Belleboo' on a bit of selvage.  Not to be beaten I searched all the fabric shops on line - nothing. 
Eventually I typed in the word Belleboo to see what came up and, lo and behold, found a site called Jill's Quilt Site so very cheekily emailed Jill only to discover that she was in Thailand, she didn't sell fabric but said she would go into Sampeng and have a look in the fabric suppliers who make it..
I am forever surprised at the kindness of other people. This is an email I received back.
Dear Carol,
I saw the fabric in another color. I ran out of time. Will be going back again next week and will look again. I don't think it has a name. I might have to buy a few meters and send it to you. How many meters do you need?
She has since been back to the manufacturers and acquired me 5 mtrs of material, some in the original beige and some in pale blue which is now winging its way to me from that magical Country of Thialand.
I will, of course now become an ardent follower of her blog and see some of the lovely work she and her friends do, mostly for charity.
This is a link to her site
I am hoping I have made a new friend, one can't have enough of those can one?
Although I have no 'makes' to show you don't let it stop you from going over to Wendys at and see what everyone else has made.