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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Doiggie Dementia.

Our pet is 15 now and stone deaf which can be quite a problem especially when you add the dreaded aging dementia. She forgets where she is, where the door is, where her bed is,. Mind you, she never forgets meal times or treat times, but I suppose that is instinct.
Each evening at 10.30 ish one of us takes her up the garden and out the back gate for her late night tinkle. Well last night she disappeared into the darkness and forgot to come back. Chucking it down with rain, wind howling, me in my slippers - are you beginning to get the picture - good (I think). We have an intruder light over that gate so I have to keep waving at it to keep it on but still could not see her. Went to fetch OH and a couple of torches and back to wander over the Common in the hope that we can find her. No good calling of course. Finally the torch picked up a pair of yellow eyes, scared me half to death, thought it was a fox but no, it was a very frightened and wet Rosie wondering where the hell she was.
I wasn't exactly warm, dry and comfortable either. Not a pretty sight.

On another note, wedding cushion now complete.  Only draped over another cushion at the moment as I need a 20" pad for it.  Meant to get one today butg with this inclement weather...........?   I'm sure you will understand.

Ooops.  I forgot to link this to Handmade Monday.  Good job Wendy left a comment or it would have passed me by again.  Thats 1stUniquegifts/Handmade Monday.


  1. Oh poor dog and poor you too. The cushion is gorgeous x

  2. Oh, poor doggie. They're so dependant when they get older. Poor you, too - all this rain is enough to get anyone's brain addled! Beautiful cushion - really, really beautiful.

  3. Aww poor little doggie, hope you both had a treat after that adventure. I like the embroidery on your cushion.

  4. Poor Rosie and poor you. You both must have been terrified.
    Very pretty cushion, really lovely.

  5. Poor Rosie Carol, I understand where you are coming from.

    Love the pillow so pretty and will be a wonderful keepsake for the bride and groom

  6. Poor Rosie - it would have to be a horrible night too. You should get one of those extending leads so you can reel her back if she wanders again. The cushion is lovely and it was good to see what it looks like on a cushion pad (remember to get one) Michx

  7. Poor Rosie - it is so hard to see our animals getting older and know that like us things start to slow down or give up. Your cushion is really very pretty. Hope you and Rosie have a good week.

  8. I have to apologise first. I spotted the chair before reading on - I have that same fabric on my suite! But, love the cushion and hope all is well with Rosie with no ill effects.

    1. I am looking for a sofa in it but as I have had the chairs a few years don't hold my breath. lol.

  9. The weather has been horrendous but sunshine today and I am hopeful..... Love the cushion :)

  10. isn't is horrible when your pet disappears! mine keeps running off but for quite different reasons - he is 11 months old and off exploring the world! i hope you and Rosie have recovered now from your ordeal... extender lead sounds like it could help!

    your cushion is fab - thanks for sharing it with us! x

  11. Your Rosie sounds like my CharLee, he is 12 now and is slowing down (he's still very greedy though!)
    Lovely details on the cushion.