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Sunday, 31 July 2011

A touch of peace

The ripple of water in the sun
The twinkle of light on wet stone,
Soft whisper as the ripples run
Where ever they want to roam.

Be it brook or stream or rill,
Thro woodland or open weald
And paddles of an old water mill
Such peace you could ever feel.

This peace remains intact
Till the seasons turn a page
And Winter performs its act
Causing angry waters to rage.

It is a cleansing process
The frost, the ice and the snow
Ready to don the new green dress
For the start of the Spring time show.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

I have resurected this ditty for a virtual friend who has just visited our capitol. (See  ) She has some lovely pics on there, well worth a look and a read.

(or the day we got the wedding dress)

We’ve had a day in London,
The great metropolis,
Not sight seeing you understand,
But with a shopping list.

Both ways along Oxford Street.
Then Regent Street as well.
Back down the tube for Knightsbridge,
And Harrods just for the hell.

A corner shop beyond our dreams,
Our pockets too I fear.
But just to get a carrier bag,
We must buy something here.

The tube again, the moving stairs
To take us back to town.
Our weary feet and aching arms,
Wish we were homeward bound.

We’ve still to queue for food and drink,
Alas no tables free.
The queue for loos is two miles long,
I’m desperate for a pee.

I have been banged and kicked and pushed
From pillar to post all day.
The pavements are full of milling crowds,
All going the opposite way.

When next you are planning another trip,
To our capitol city for fun.
Remind me of my pleasures today,
It’s unlikely that I’ll come!!!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Message for Redneedle

I have tried very hard to leave you a comment but this wretched machine won't have it.  I wanted to say I love your needle cases.  Could do with one myself.  Like you I am a holy terror with needles and my OH is always moaning.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Visit to Bletchley Park.

We are members of a club and it was our summer outing yesterday.  Above us a picture of part of the grounds of Bletchley Park.  It was so tranquil.

We went to visit Bletchley Park
I wasn’t too keen on this,
Thought it would be all gloomy and dark,
Things like that I could miss.

We finally arrived in our charabanc
To a lovely countryside view.
Gathered together our little gang
And off to find what to do.

Well, talk about stepping back in time,
To imagine eight thousand odd folk
Milling around these grounds so fine,
Where work was definitely no joke.

Studied the early computer,
Watched The Colossus still at work.
Learnt their affect on the future;
Then around the canteen did lurk.

We found that a wartime price
Was not in evidence there.
A crumb and cuppa sufficed
As we didn’t have a millionair.

The evening pub delightful.
The food was scrummy and good.
The hosts were very mindful
Of us and did what they could.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

I won't tell you what incident prompted my latest little dittie but, rest assured, one of the protagonists is still blowing steam out of her ears. lol.

Three score years and ten
The life span for men
Ladies live longer
Because they are stronger.

 Man disagrees,
They work hard felling trees
More likely in the gym
Building muscle cos they’re thin.

Gentle sex, or what?
Abuse their bodies a lot
Bear and care for young
And exercise their tongue.

Provide and cook meals.
When sick or ail she heals
DIY a  cinch
All without a flinch.

Now a man…….
I rest my case.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

We have a house guest.

His name is Tom.  He joins our small family quite often as he belongs to my Daughter.  It works quite well as Rosie has grown up being ruled by cats so he is just another in a long line of things to be tollerated.  Bless her.

Daughter’s gone on holiday
So we have got the cat.
We also have our Rosiedog
Who doesn’t care for that.

Tom’s an independent soul,
And stalks his pad defiant.
He disappears for hours on end
But mealtimes are reliant.

Our garden birds have taken flight
The squirrel’s very cautious.
The half devoured gift he leaves
Is really, grossly, nauseous.

And yet at night he snuggles up
Taking half the covers.
Dreaming of his wild exploits
Hoping for some others.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Why can't I leave comments on some blogs.

I am struggling here.  There are some lovely blogs that won't let me leave comments.  I will list them so you know I am not ignoring you.  I promise I am trying and if anyone can offer any advice on getting over this hurdle please do.
After Hours
Dorset Girl
Maria's Blog
Polly Polkadot.

There are more and I will list them when I come across them.
I am so sorry bloggers.  There must be a reason or something that I am doing wrong although I can comment on all the others with my Google account details.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Colours of the Countryside.

A short walk from my back door, out through my garden gate and, hey presto, I am on the common where, this afternoon the dog and I lingered to admire the colours of the hedgerows.  In real life they were breathtaking but I am a poor photographer so you will have to use a little imagination.  They are a little improved if you double click on them.

Followers of my old blog well probably notice I managed to keep the dog out of them this time.  A rare occurance I can assure you.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

The advantages of growing old?

This was prompted by a friends distress at her parents lack of care when ill.

As the years advance
I have taken this chance
To review what I’m told
“There are advantages to growing old”.

I have been objective
And not selective
Tried to ignore
The fact that we’re poor

The mirrors are banned
In my corner of the land
To help the belief
That age is a relief.

I use a bus pass
To save on car gas
Continually hope
I can always cope

Spend my days
Worrying about ways
I can avoid being alone
Or in an Old Peoples home.

Are these really the advantages of growing old?

Thursday, 14 July 2011

No.2 son and family are moving home.

So I have sent them a card and suitable dittie.

You've been packing for weeks,
Towels and sheets,
Pots and pans,
And pillows and cans.

I bet you felt it would never end,
Thought you were going round the bend,
Moving home is a horrendous chore,
You won't be doing this no more.

Now you're here and look around,
You're pleased.  This little place you've found.
A haven of peace to hide away,
Be happy and content.  Hooray.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Latest Make

This is all hand sewn.  Definately not touched a sewing machine. I fancied doing one the old fashioned way and thoroughly enjoyed it.


I hate my computer,
I don’t have a future,
In digital technology.
I make no apology.

Locked out of my blog,
And e bay.  Can’t flog.
No access to Flickr
Makes me even sicker.

It’s all my own fault
I feel such a dolt.
My food and drink
Sent keyboard on the blink.

The moral of the tale,
If you don’t want to fail.
Don’t wine and dine
At input time.

New Blog.

Having been 'Locked Out' of my blog Rhyme or Reason I am having to start a new one.  I will cut and paste as much of the old blog as I can but I must apologise to all my followers.  I will try to contact you all and let you know my new address.