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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

We have a house guest.

His name is Tom.  He joins our small family quite often as he belongs to my Daughter.  It works quite well as Rosie has grown up being ruled by cats so he is just another in a long line of things to be tollerated.  Bless her.

Daughter’s gone on holiday
So we have got the cat.
We also have our Rosiedog
Who doesn’t care for that.

Tom’s an independent soul,
And stalks his pad defiant.
He disappears for hours on end
But mealtimes are reliant.

Our garden birds have taken flight
The squirrel’s very cautious.
The half devoured gift he leaves
Is really, grossly, nauseous.

And yet at night he snuggles up
Taking half the covers.
Dreaming of his wild exploits
Hoping for some others.

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  1. Very good Carol, you must almost be near a book now