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Saturday, 30 July 2011

I have resurected this ditty for a virtual friend who has just visited our capitol. (See  ) She has some lovely pics on there, well worth a look and a read.

(or the day we got the wedding dress)

We’ve had a day in London,
The great metropolis,
Not sight seeing you understand,
But with a shopping list.

Both ways along Oxford Street.
Then Regent Street as well.
Back down the tube for Knightsbridge,
And Harrods just for the hell.

A corner shop beyond our dreams,
Our pockets too I fear.
But just to get a carrier bag,
We must buy something here.

The tube again, the moving stairs
To take us back to town.
Our weary feet and aching arms,
Wish we were homeward bound.

We’ve still to queue for food and drink,
Alas no tables free.
The queue for loos is two miles long,
I’m desperate for a pee.

I have been banged and kicked and pushed
From pillar to post all day.
The pavements are full of milling crowds,
All going the opposite way.

When next you are planning another trip,
To our capitol city for fun.
Remind me of my pleasures today,
It’s unlikely that I’ll come!!!

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