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Sunday, 31 July 2011

A touch of peace

The ripple of water in the sun
The twinkle of light on wet stone,
Soft whisper as the ripples run
Where ever they want to roam.

Be it brook or stream or rill,
Thro woodland or open weald
And paddles of an old water mill
Such peace you could ever feel.

This peace remains intact
Till the seasons turn a page
And Winter performs its act
Causing angry waters to rage.

It is a cleansing process
The frost, the ice and the snow
Ready to don the new green dress
For the start of the Spring time show.


  1. It sounds peaceful indeed. Sigh. It's amazing how quickly the seasons come around these days. A sign of age, I'm sure! x

  2. So tranquil, still waiting for the book Carol

  3. Your poetry would make a great book.
    The photograph goes so well with the poem, what came first?

    I love your previous one about London too.

    Jan x

  4. A calm and peaceful read on this hot sweaty summers day. Lovely x