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Monday, 2 January 2012

Aunties rescued piece of craftwork.

AA (Ancient Aunt) decided she wanted something to do so sent for a small rug pegging kit, cushion size, and then discovered that at 86 she didn't have the strength in her wrists to pull the hook through the mesh so guess who got the job.
Actually it looks quite effective in real life, never was too good at photography even with my all singing and dancing digi camera but here goes.

She has not seen it yet and she certainly won't see it on here as she thinks these are 'magic boxes' bless her.
I am quite impressed with the 3D effect.  Wish I could tell you the make but it didn't have one on the box, strange that.


  1. Fab,well done.

    My Aunt thinks they are magic boxes too.

  2. I love the colours. Your AA will be pleased with it. Hugs Mrs A.

  3. This is gorgeous, I've never heard or seen how this is done. Perhaps another niche for me to explore one day. x

  4. It is lovely Carol - and you are right looks very 3-D. Could pick it up and smell it.