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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Apologies and grumbles, and Handmade Monday

Two things I want to do today, an apology and an axe to grind.
Firstly, I am so sorry that I have not blogged since 2nd Janauary.  We have a few health problems within the family and I have not been in the right frame of mind to blog.  I am also sorry that I have not been responding to your blogs either.  I am going to trawl back over them tomorrow and see what I have missed.

Secondly, I took my pooch for a walk today through one of our local, what is supposed to be, beauty spots.  I have often posted pics of it as I am always taking the Grands there.  Some lovely walks.  But, and this is the nub,

this mess is created and fostered by our local council.  There is a pretty little brook that ripples along at the end just out of sight.  Now, because the Council dump all the towns garden waste here, which is previously chipped at the local tip and piled high just out of sight in this pic to the left in a continuous line of big heaps which the grands refer to as 'the mountains' everyone else deems it their right to do the same.  Sometimes there is furniture,  and fresh today an old bike.  Can't they see that they are setting the example. (She gets off her hobbyhorse).

So many friends and family are having babies,. Is there something in the water?  So out have come the knitting needles once more.  This is No.2 of 5.  It feels never ending.

This is all I have to show for Handmade Monday, I will try harder for next week but do visit the other blogs involved via  Well worth a visit.


  1. Oh Carol I think you are justified pin your moan nothing worse than dumping, we get at Broxhead common and annoyed that the utility dump is just down the road, so selfish and if he council are doing it even worse, you get on your soap box girl and have a go.

    Love the matinee jacket, they are not sitting in the same chair are they, we used to have a chair in the office that no one would sit in after the 5th person sat there and got pregnant, lol.

    Enjoy your week and hope all gets better for you soon.

  2. Apart from the stupidity of the Council, the saddest thing is peoples lack of care and respect for others enjoyment of open spaces. I remember reading a ditty (forgive the pun Carol)_ somewhere about when you visit the countryside, or any public open space, you should only leave footprints and only take away memories. the matinee jacket is lovely and looking forward to seeing the rest of your makes. Hope you have a good week.

  3. I'm with you, our council seem to enjoy doing the same thing - just cant leave things be.

    Hope everything is ok with the family health.

    Lynda x

  4. Get hold of your local councilor, show them the pics and ask them what they are going to do about it?

    Love the matinee coat... just realised how old saying that make me seem LOL!

  5. Why are some people so lazy as to dump rubbish, especially in such a beautiful area. I agree with Ros, get onto your local councilor and maybe write into the local paper too. Nothing like a bit of media shame to make a council act quickly. On a happier note the baby coat is gorgeous. x

  6. Sorry to hear there have been health issues - hope everyone is fully recovered.

    Terrible to see what is happening to areas of our beautiful countryside.

    Have a great week

    Ali x

  7. Shame about the locals dumping stuff where they shouldn't - could you not take your pic to the local council they have an obligation to come and sort it out.

    The matinee coat is lovely so nice to knit small items - I still don't like the sewing up part.

  8. I hate people who dump rubbish like that. The little matinee coat is gorgeous. Hope people are feeling better - Mich x

  9. Well, people dump stuff, and I hate it. Having lived much of my life in the wilds of TX and New Mexico I almost hate driving thru there these days as it is such a mess with people just tossing their trash where ever. I always wonder, were they raised by wolves? But then I think, wolves don't do that!
    Anyway, hope everyone is feeling better in your household. And that little dress/jacket is darling. Good job!

  10. It's a shame and a downright disgrace that some people are so lazy. I don't blame you for your 'grumbles'
    I hope things are improving on your personal matters, when things aren't going well we often don't want to 'socialise'. It's nice to see you back.

    Jan x