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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Guilty New Make

 I have just finished this dressing gown for my 9 yr old step-Great Granddaughter.  I made her one when she was around 4 and her Grandmother mentioned last weekend that she was still wearing it so guilt ridden I have made another.  An Aran jumper for her 7 yr old brother is finished too so everyone should be happy.

It is off white fleece with pink lace trim and her initial on the pocket.  I can't believe that the buttons cost almost as much as the fabric.  What a world we live in.


  1. Oh that is beautiful Carol and know she will love it. Know what you mean about buttons.

  2. Beautifl and cosy. What a lucky girl!

  3. Adorable! I thought I commented earlier to say I loved it. I get so confused with this blogging malarky! X :)

  4. I love dressing gowns, really cosy to sit around in of an evening, this one is really pretty.

    Jan x

  5. It's lovely Carol - I am a jamas and dressing-gown gal so this is my kind of make. Not in that size of course. Hope you have a good week.