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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Tuesday after Handmade Monday

I was unable to participate in Handmade Monday this week as day to day life took over yet again but I have been looking at all the offerings and it brought home just how much tallent and how many unsung, gifted people there are on our own doorstep. So many fresh, new ideas seep through the pages of your blogs that I run out of suitable adjectives.  From cards to cakes and bedding to bags collecting jewellery and wood crafters en route and they all seem to have that 'well loved' look too.  It beggars belief that you all don't make oodles of dosh for your ideas alone never mind the finished product.
As well as Handmade Monday, accessed via Wendys blog or there is Thursday Blog Hop via Carolee Crafts and now on the drawing board we have October Shop Hop also via Carolee Crafts. These can also be accessed through 'Handmade by Me' at
All of the above are excellent showcases for your crafts as I know most of you are aware, and it certainly gives the old creative juices a nudge along when knowing you have deadlines to meet such as these. 
Never doubt your work.  If you have put your heart and soul into it there is always someone somewhere who will see its real beauty.

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