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Monday, 29 August 2011

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I’ve said my Hail Mary
On my knees in the Dairy
There was no ‘udder
To hear me utter

My request to the Lord
For his absolute word
And I can get on
With my life and have fun.

Then I can go back
Renew my attack
For request to forgive
The life that I live.

 I am not Catholic, in fact, I am not religious but do respect and admre others that believe and live their life accordingly so obviously I  intend no offence.

And yet another silly one...

The glories of our English summer holidays

We’re on our hols. It’s raining,
We’re watching through the door.
It’s coming down like stair rods,
Then bouncing on the floor.

There’s not a lot to do in here
Except to watch the storm.
Played whist and snap and rummy,
Wrapped up to keep us warm.

We crawl round on hands and knees,
Or move around all bent
And if we touch to top or sides
Water comes in the tent.


  1. No offence taken, if we all accepted the other's view and religion the world would be a better place.

  2. I love your poems especially the one about raining on holiday.

  3. I was brought up as a Catholic by parents who didn't seem to believe in it themselves! Between them, the nuns in school and the priests in church and the lectures & endless prayers in class, it definitely put me off organised religion! However, I know a lot of people get a lot from their religion. Each to his own - and I know we're lucky to live in a country and a time where we have choices. Thanks for sharing! x