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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

For all Handmade Monday crafters and others

whose blogs  cannot access.  I cannot access any blogs at all now and the message that I keep getting is
Your current account ( does not have access to view this page.  I don't have a clue why so - my comments are as follows:
Rosemademme - Those sausage rolls look good enough to eat.  Actually I am salivating just thinking about them. lol.
Picto - Lovely Cafe plaque.  I sympathise with you over preparation it is the same with quilting, it takes hours just to get ready.
and Marias bowls.  Aren't they beautiful.  Made a papiermache hot air baloon with G/kids once and do wonder how you get such a wonderful finish.
Redneedle - Great tea cosy, you don't see many about these days do you.  That would be lovely and  cheerful in any kitchen.
Ooak Fairies Good time girl.  I know you have called her a show girl but she also looks the epitomy of the good time girl doesn't she and well up to your usual standard.
Raindrops and Roses.  That is a lovely gift for your child minder.  Such a lot of thought gone into it.  She should be very impressed.  A nice keepsake for her retirement too.
Magnifique Designs.  Enjoyed my read re your visit to Thwaite Watermill in Leeds.  Some lovely pics too..  I love looking around old places, all the corners and bits and pieces.
Flutterby Creates.  Nice to hear you have been productive and managed to catch up a bit.  Very unusual Thankyou card.  Stunning as is the necklace.

So sorry to have to do it like this.  I do so enjoy reading all your blogs and looking at the lovely things everyone makes.  OH says I spend far too much time on here. umph - expect he is right.

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