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Sunday, 14 August 2011

A quickie cos I have nothing else ready.

Our Version of TheThinker.   

Handmade Monday
Starts on Sunday.
Wendy’s the gell
Who does it so well.

I’ve nowt this week
Life needs a tweak,
Back to the swing
Of making something

Need to deduce
How to produce,
And turn into cash
Instead of stash.

Must use the brain
To make a gain
Then maybe we eat
Till the end of the week.



  1. haha, so funny! I love the way you've used the word gell. It reminds me of being little - I used to draw little girls all the time & one day labelled my picture "little gelles" (I must've been about 5). My dad laughed and asked was I drawing little jellies. From that day on he always called my pictures of girls "little jellies".

    Good luck with turning stash into cash! Love it x

  2. good one, I also need help getting stash to cash! :)

  3. A great photo.

    All I can say about the poem is.... brilliant

    :o) Jan x

  4. Very good it did make me chuckle.

  5. Now that made me smile,
    What a lovely little boy too. xxx