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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Is the grass greener..

A friends other half has told her he is leaving at Christmas.  I asked why not till Christmas.  She didn’t know but agreed that he could stay till then. 

Now is it me?  Am I so very intolerant?  I not only would have wanted to know why but he would have been packed and gone that same day but my friend is a kind soul and has spoiled her other half rotten which begs another question – what is he looking for and is the grass greener on the other side of the street?

I share my hearth
I share my home
I’m always nice, I never moan.
I defer to you
Refer to you
With lots of love and caring too.

A lot of years
Under the belt
A lot of tears and laughter felt.
The good things
And the bad ones
The promises,  the marriage bonds

And yet you’ve gone
To some other
This obviously was not for ever.
You should worry.
I might find
I’ll do better without your kind.


  1. I think I would have been helping him pack - she is worth better than him by the sounds of it.

  2. I so agree with the above comment, I'd at least want to know why why why.

    Jan x