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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My new, all singing and dancing sewing machine has gone wrong again.........

Where is my old Singer,
I knew it oh so much
Sensitive and feeling,
It knew my every touch.

No cranky digi messages,
No codes to be worked out,
No complicated stitching
It knew what it was about.

Why did I let it go
To that workroom in the sky
When I could have kept it here
On  pedestals right up high..

Well, one good thing came out of it, I made the Thursday Blog Hop.  Now I wonder what everyone else has produced.  Why not come along with me and have a look -


  1. Oh Carol I do feel for you but it will all become clear in time, a wonderful verse

  2. I think that's the problem isn't it once you involve a micro chip all hell breaks loose. I hope you sort it soon because when it sews I bet you love it to bits

  3. I am so sorry your Singer is off key Carol - hope you get it fixed soon. Love the ditty.