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Monday, 18 June 2012

Crafting from the past.

Well what a surprising day I have had.  I travelled to Lutterworth to meet Frances (Floating Craft) from The Craft Forum who was donating some elderly magazines, which had belonged to her Mother, to a good home.  Thinking that they were exactly that and knowing the Craft Club I attend would love them I arranged to collect them this morning.
They turned out to be two boxes of bound volumes of Hobies Weekly dating back to 1942 - I think that is the earliest, have not checked properly yet.  They are amazing.  I cannot believe my good fortune.  So full of such great and ecconomical ideas.  I am afraid the Craft Club won't be getting them yet awhile. They are such fun that I want to share a few bits and pieces with you.

Did you think Mars Bars were a relatively new product, well just look at this, a page from 1943.  Mind you, you can take it from me that they were a rarity, in fact I don't recall having sweets at all during the war.

This perpetual callender would not look out of place in a childs bedroom today.

1942 and WW2 sense of humour...

The voice from the radio is saying "Hus day of reckoning is coming"  and Hitlers bored response is "Mein Gott! Another 365 days of worries".

Another reminder of the hardships of the era.

I remember the horrible blackout curtains.  Not even a tiniest chink of light must show through or the warden would be knocking on your door and giving you a right old telling off.

There are so many projects made out of wood, like childrens toys, furnature, all kinds of knick knacks, garden impliments, oh too many to list. I bet I know of a few wood turners that would enjoy a shifty through these pages too.

I am absolutely certain that I will be sharing lots  with you as I work my way through the volumns and I feel sure you won;t be bored.


  1. How lovely Carol - I bet there are loads of things in there which we all think we have 'invented' today. Look forward to hearing about/reading about more of the goodies in those mags.

  2. Wow, what a fantastic find! I don't think I would be able to bear to part with them at all.

  3. Awwh I love amazing finds from the past- actually jealous! I bet they have that awesome old paper/ink smell?? It lindeh from CF btw hehe! <3 *waves*

    1. Hi Lindeh, nice to see you here. Yes, I didn't go to bed too early last night reading them. lol.

  4. I love reading old mags like these.I hope you find some more things to post here-can't wait!

  5. what a fantastic find! i bet you're having a wonderful time looking through them, it amazing how these things can be utterly absorbing and completely transport you to another time and place...

    i can't wait to see what creations they inspire! x