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Thursday, 7 June 2012


I regularly read a blog from a lady in Thailand.  She posts so many pictures of the shops and all the wonderful, colourful fabrics they stock.  Most of the manufacturers are not on the internet in her area so we cannot buy direct but as you may recall from a previous blog this lovely lady Jill has bought for me and posted.  Gosh, I would never have any money left if I lived anywhere those lovely warehouses.  I look at the pictures and ache to go. Of course, I might win the lottery any day soon in which case............

There appears to be a lot of hatching and some batching around me but so far, fortunately, no dispatching .  So I am busy making wedding gifts and baby gifts again.  Happy times for all I hope.
Keep my fingers occupied for a few days, or weeks, depending on what I decide to do.   A memory cushion is top of my list at the moment as the wedding is imminent.  They have about 8 children between them so have everything for the home.  I thought a little luxury for the bedroom would probably go down quite well hence the cushion.  Next is a pinkish little cardi for about 6 month old cos it will be winter then.  Hopefully she won't want woollies during the summer months.  Weeeeell, in theory she shouldn't. lol.  Another Wedding, but next year.  Giving us plenty of advanced notice this time.  Haven't a clue what to do for that one. Waiting for inspiration.

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