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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Its Handmade Monday time again.

These days it seems that the only times I blog is when handmade Monday comes around again. 
Another busy weekend.  We were invited to a family wedding and our family is no different to anyone elses family in that there are several factions who are often pulling in opposite directions which can make family get togethers a trifle nerve wracking.  I did, sort of, try to wriggle out of it.  I sent the Wedding cushion I showed a couple of weeks ago in case I found a cast iron reason for not attending that would not cause offence. 
I know you all get where I'm coming from.
I couldn't blame the dog.
Hubby was quite well considering.
The roof didn't fall in.
We went.  Had a wonderful time.  Everyone behaved impeccably.  Loads of reasonably well behaved children, no one drank too much. food was great, and to top it all guess what was in the very centre of the gift table.  Yep.  My cushion.  So I think you can count that as this weeks success.

Pic of me walking out of the door ready for the 'off'

It seems to be the season for weddings so I had another cushion to make.  This one is going down south to a friend of No.1 son and partner.  She is a lovely girl who I first met about 20 years ago.  I used the same fabrics as before so 2 for the price of 1.  I have taken some pics of the detail this time to stop the boredom factor. lol.
The little flowers are 3cm across and crochetted in very fine cotton.  Most of the embroidery is done in single thread of embroidery silk, the writing is two rows in dif. colours to creat a slight 3D effect but I can't get that to show with my cheepo camera.

Right.  Here goes.

Thats me done for the day.  Do pop over to Handmade Harbour to view everyone elses work, you will enjoy your visit, I guarantee it.


  1. Glad your wedding celebrations turned out better than you thought :) The cushion is beautiful! I particularly love the bouquet of flowers above the horseshoe.

  2. so pretty! what a beautiful gift, i love all the detail :) i can well imagine it taking pride of place on the gift table!

    i'm sure it will be greatly treasured x

  3. Glad you enjoyed the wedding I often htink I dont want to go somewhere and it turns out to be great
    the cushion is beautiful so delicate I hope your sons friend loves it too xxx

  4. Your cushion is really beautiful. What a wonderful keepsake. I think many of us dread family occasions. Glad you had a lovely time. Ali x

  5. I know what you mean about family occasions sometimes being traumatic, I'm glad this one went well for you, especially as your cushion had pride of place.
    I've just read your previous post re Thailand, I was there a few years ago and I have some lovely silk waiting for the right thing to make, I wish I had brought back a lot more.

    Jan x

  6. Well done on getting to the wedding. The detail on the cushion is amazing. Bet it looked lovely on the table.

  7. Sometimes things you dread always turn out okay, life is funny. I love the cushion and know it will be loved and well done for pride of place for your first one.

  8. Glad the wedding went well and you enjoyed it. The cushion is gorgeous!

  9. The cushion is really beautiful Carol - very pretty and I bet it will be loved. You look very smart for the wedding. Families are great aren't they, until they are all together in the same room! Glad the wedding went well though. Hope you have a good week.

  10. Glad you had a good time, despite your fears. I'm always dreadful about things like that- I have a bit of social anxiety and I never want to go anywhere!
    The cushion is very elegant.

  11. So pleased to read that you did go and had such a lovely time. And how fabulous to see your cushion in pride of place!

  12. The cushion is beautiful. It must have been a lot of work!