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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Knave of Hearts

My pal is going to a Mad Hatters Tea Party next month, lucky devil, and wanted something suitable to wear.
As I had been nominated as provider I needed something as simple as possible so came up with The Knavee of Hearts because it's just a tabbard and a cardboard crown.  I have suggested either red or lovett green trousers  to complete the outfit.
It actually has not cost a red cent to date.  Old gold curtains, old green velvet curtains (never throw anything away obviously) and a bit of red from my stash.  Hey Presto we have

Oops, I should have got the iron out.  Never mind, you will get the general idea.  It is the same back and front.

I think I mentioned in an earlier blog that I have accidentally started another quilt.  This is hand sewn only as I had run out of stuff to do whilst watching TV in the evenings and I already had lots of bits cut out from a previous project, i.e. a craft this is just a quick preview - 3 1/2" squares and the pattern is called Drunkards Path. - well, one variation of it, there are many. lol.

Not the best reproduction in the world, I am sorry the colours don't show as they should. It will be one of those put down and pick up jobs that could last for years and uses all your random bits up - hopefully.
Handmade Monday is peeping round the corner again.  I am just going to pop over and have a look at what everyone has been up to.  Why don't you follow me, it will be well worth the effort at Handmade Harbour..


  1. The tabbard is very good and will certainly look the part. Love the colours of your new accidental quilt

  2. Love the Knave of Hearts tabbard.It looks so good!Looking forward to seeing how the quilt comes along!

  3. your knave of hearts outfit is fab! You must need a whole room to store your fabric stash - it sounds like you have something for every possible occasion! :)

    good luck with your quilt, its nice to have something to work on when your watching the TV isn't it :)

  4. The tabbard is fantastic and how great that it hasn't cost anything either! The quilt looks lovely, pretty colours.

  5. You sound like anyone could ask you to make anything and you would manage it! The tabbard is a great idea - simple but effective! The quilt is amazing. I love the way the paths run across it.

  6. The tabbard is lovely and I bet your pal will look great in it. How pretty your quilt is too - lovely soft colours. Hope you have a good week.

  7. great little outfit i so love handmade costumes

  8. Love the tabard - it reminds me of when my kids were little and eldest daughter was in a dance show. She was a playing card (weird, I know!) and I ended up making everyone else's kids' tabards too. It happened every year after that!
    The quilt is looking amazing already - who knew a drunkard's path could be so pretty!?

  9. Your friends knew you would come up trumps. Great way to re-cycle all those bits into a tabard. I've never heard of a drunkards path before, somebody had a sense of humour!

  10. Love the pastel colours of the quilt, and the pattern.

    Great outfit for a Mad Hatters party!

  11. Love that tabbard! Your quilt is looking great too.

  12. I never throw old curtains out either, they come in useful for so many things. The tabard is great, it really suits the part. I don't think I could do a whole quilt by hand sewing, I'm looking forward to seeing how it progresses, it looks lovely already.

    Jan x

  13. Great idea for using up odds and ends. When Caoimhe has a fancy dress at nursery I know who to ask!
    The quilt looks lovely. I am still very envious!

    1. Helen just ask, be glad to help. I actually have made many childrens fancy dress outfits including those from In the Night Garden. The little blue fella, can't think of his name at the moment.

  14. I love the colours for your drunkards path quilt. I'm the same for needing something to do whilst watching TV. Hubby has the controller and 9 times out of ten falls asleep with it in his lap so I end up watching whatever comes on regardless. Knitting little jumpers for babies which are dead simple to make at the moment. Hugs Mrs A.