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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

I have very recently heard of two occasions of Fraud.

We see the words Fraud, Theft, Robbery, Mugging, but how many of us look behind the words at the ripple effect each one brings to family and friends of the victim.  It is fairly obvious that the perpetrators have no conscience of this.

They’ve been defrauded, what does it mean?
That evil beings have been on the scene.
And taken something they've no right to,
Things most likely treasured by you.

The pain and the loss cannot be born,
The rest of the family are violently torn.
They hate, want revenge, then some.
The ripples on the surface have begun.

Hardships and stress have now been caused,
A direct result of this defraud.
What type of person do we breed,
That take great pleasure in this deed.

Villainy is grossly out of hand,
Some make a living very grand.
Why doesn’t  society take firmer control
And bring these wicked ones back to the fold?

That’s another pebble on a much bigger lake,
Those at the top should make branches shake.
This tree of life must bring things in line,
The punishments must fit the crime.

This entry is for Thursdays blog hop via  May I respectfully suggest you pop along there and have a look at all the other blogs.  Some lovely things.


  1. Very apt, considering recent events. You've got your message across in such an eloquent way

  2. It is a very sad world, all created by our fellow human beings. A great poem Carol - very true