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Monday, 17 October 2011

Oops. Handmade Monday again.

Nearly missed it.  Do pop along to  
and have a look at the lovely handmades there.  Well worth a visit.

What was life like before TV
Where we sit goggle eyed at anything to see.
And we glare at each other if one dares to speak,
Should we miss an occurrence in Coronation Street.

We sat round the kitchen table then.
Listening to a radio, using a pen.
Knitting, sewing and talking too,
In a tight family unit which included you.

We shared our lives, our food, our leisure,
And such simple things that gave us pleasure.
The concept of telly killed all that,
No social graces. We sit and get fat.



  1. So true! But at least I sit infront of it and make things!

  2. LOL love that, and sadly so true!

  3. I so agree Carol, sadly plonk the kid's in front of the tv then you don't have to make an effort. Mother used to read to me, play and make up games. Tv was for special occasions usually on a Sunday or watch with Mother midday. Cannot turn back the clock the art of conversation is dead so sad.

  4. Sad but true although like Crystal Velvet I too get fidgety fingers siting in front of TV, have to be doing something

  5. Great poem Carol and very true for most families, I much prefer silence myself.

    Jan x

  6. Yup, i cant sit in front of the telly without doing something either :) maybe i've not been got by modern lofe yet!

  7. Soooo true!!!Altho I make stuff in front of the to keep my hands busy :) x

  8. Yes you were the 1st right about the elephant so I will make another knit and send it off to Annie and let her know it is from you. Many thanks for donati ng instead of a gift. Love your poem. Hugs Mrs A.