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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Thursday Blog Hop.

I notice on the Craft Forum someone was asking for a poem to put in their card for their one year old Granddaughter.  I remembered on one of the twins birthdays I wrote a ditty.  It went something like this. 

Beautiful children
Of beautiful children
We count our blessings
That God has willed them.

There’s never a day
That passes by
That we don’t think
Or wonder why.

We should be
The lucky ones
But we are,
We have Grandsons.

It wasn't my intention to offer that as Thursday Hop offering but the following one. I was a bit maudlin when I wrote it so apologise for its dourness.

How precious is this life
Every minute, every day
Should we waste not a second
Or create no more fray

Do we get second chances,
Or do a backtrack some way?
Of life, of romances?
Can one call back a day?

How to use this time we're given,
How to leave your mark on life
How to make it great to live in,
Obliterate the need for strife.

On a much lighter note why don't you go to and visit all the other blogs taking part.


  1. Love the 1st ditty and the 2nd makes you think and so true,the time wasted on things that do not matter, thank you for sharing

  2. Both very good Carol - thank you. The second one makes you think of the number of times you say 'why did I say that?' or 'why did I do that?'