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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Handmade Monday

I have nothing prepared this week so am scratting round to find something half entertaining.  Looks like seasonal ditty.

That time of year,
Its nearly here,
Just as dear
But do not fear,
We'll have some cheer,
Plenty of beer,
Keep family near
Shed the odd tear
Unwrap the gear
And revere

The one who was born and died for it,
We now enjoy the living of it
The giving of the gifts on it.
And our grateful thanks for having it.

And a half finished project still hoping to be wrapped and put under the tree but just in case I do have a back-up solution.

Like a friend from Texas said earlier this week, my fingers are sore and my hands ache but I am still hopeful of completion. lol.

Can I suggest you go along and see all the other offerings for Handmade Monday on


  1. Love the pattern on your knitting. (I'm sure you will finish it in time.) Have a great Christmas and New Year! Mich x

  2. Hope you get your knitting finished in time. Have a great Christmas and New Year. Hugs Mrs A

  3. Love the ditty & hope you get finished in time. Sore fingers aplenty here too. Combination of overwashing of hands (all that paint!), glue gun mishaps and screwing the mechanisms on literally hundreds of clocks. Won't be long now though - enjoy! x

  4. Very well said Carol and do hope you get the jumper done in time.
    Have a very Happy Christmas

  5. I love the ditty Carol - especially the lines:

    Shed the odd tear
    Unwrap the gear

    Hope you have a great Christmas

  6. Good luck finishing the jumper! I'm sure you will :) happy christmas x

  7. That looks like a lovely jumper (hope you manage to get it finished in time) and your ditty was spot on.

    Have a wonderful Christmas xx

    Ali x

  8. I am sure you will finish your project and bet the person who receives it will love it!

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Good luck getting your project finished in time, sure you will :)
    Happy Christmas

  10. Good luck with finishing the project, I don't know where the days are going but they sure are going fast. Love the ditty too. Merry Christmas. x

  11. That's lovely wool you are using, good luck on your completion.

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a brilliant 2012

    Jan x

  12. Thanks for sharing that, especially the part about the beer! ;) Love the knitting. I actually ordered a kit and am going to try my hand. Of course, I now need to go out and buy some needles...

  13. Love the yarn you're using in your knitting - good luck in finishing it off. Have a lovely Christmas.
    Jo x